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Does Trump have balls? We’re about to find out.



Does Trump have balls Were about to find out

In one of the Republican debates, March 3rd, 2016, Trump defended his manhood from Marco Rubio’s japes. In the debate, on national television, he gave the nation a guarantee that his manhood was not a problem. I have the video below for reference. Trump made debate history defending his phallic fortitude.

But recently, President Trump, during an also televised negotiation with top Congressional Democrats, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, threatened to shut the government down over funds for the border wall.

As much of the nation watched, President Trump appeared strong in the negotiation, in both words and comfortability with his position. He even expressed willingness to accept blame for the impending partial shutdown. Currently as of this writing, the House Passed a funding bill with $5.7 billion for border-security, this specified amount can be used for the unspecified border wall. Pundits have been noted that the measure is doomed to fail in the Senate.

So if the bill fails which I will put the odds at 70%, the government will go into a shutdown. So the question then becomes: does President Trump have the balls to stick to his guns? Reading Ben Shapiro’s words, he believes that the President will claim victory following a bill similar to what the House of Representatives just passed.

The smart money is on additional border funding without funding explicitly delegated to the border wall. Democrats don’t want to hand Trump a victory, feel that they have him over a barrel — after all, he’s been wishy-washy on the continuing resolution from the beginning — and believe that a government shutdown will be blamed on Trump anyway. That means they’re likely to either drive a hard bargain or refuse a bargain outright. After all, they take over Congress in the new year anyway.

Time is not on the Democrats side, but the agenda of the Left would be far more devastated by a shutdown of less than 20% of the government than that of the right. Trump has the executive authority to keep this stalemate going. The protracted stalemate, rallies Trump’s voter base because he is following through on his chief campaign promise.

The Democrats can rally for preventing a wall because they want open borders and illegal immigrants voting, but this isn’t a nationally viable strategy, not that Americans will remember or be swayed by these events in 2020. If Trump gets the border wall he campaigned on, he is miles closer to the finish line in 2020. American voters will reward his testicular fortitude in a gridlocked Congress with an approval rating far lower than Trump’s own, not that these metrics are reliable anyway.

President Trump can better his position just by not signing anything until the wall is funded. All it takes is balls. So far it seems that Paul Ryan and other House Republicans borrowed some of his, but the question won’t be answered until this saga is ended. We are about to find out whether Donald Trump is a honey-badger or a Paul Ryan.