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Why aren’t Republicans on Capitol Hill demanding wall funding?



Below is a transcript of the video above.

The word of the day, dear friends, is…

lacking initiative or strength of character; irresponsible.

If Republican voters needed any further proof that the men and women they voted in to serve us in the House of Representatives and Senate are nothing more than watered down versions of their Democratic counterparts, one needs only to look to the southern border to see a glaring absence of a border wall.

Perhaps they need a reminder of what that wall should have been. Back in 2016, they won the White House and retained control of the House and Senate due in large part to their promise to build the wall. Now, as they’re on the verge of handing over control of the House to the Democrats, we’ve barely scratched the proverbial surface on the wall debate. Perhaps they fell for the sales pitch that Mexico was going to pay for it. Who knows?

Whatever they’re reasoning for not funding it when they had the chance, we’re now at the eleventh hour and they’re siding with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer by supporting keeping the government open without increasing the DHS budget to $5 billion for wall construction. Instead of standing firm with the President, they’re trying to convince him to punt. They’re ready to go home for the holidays, after all, and they see no way to make the Democrats budge. The path of least resistance is to fight the President and the people they represent instead of fighting the Democrats. This should be remembered.

Primary them all, I say. At least that’s what I would say if I were still a Republican. I gave up on them doing anything different from the Democrats long ago. As I Tweeted earlier…

It’s time to demand answers. We need to flood their phones, emails, and social media asking them why they haven’t been fighting with every ounce of courage they can muster to unite behind the goal of funding the wall. They can say they tackled Obamacare and tax reform in 2017. I’ll buy that. But the only excuse they can muster for failing to address it in 2018 is the midterm election and that’s a pitiful excuse. I could even make the case that had they fought to fund the wall in 2018, they might have been able to retain control of the House and expand their majority in the Senate.

The funny part, for me at least, is that I’m not a huge fan of the wall. I’d prefer a technology-based solution that would be just as effective as a deterrent while being exponentially more effective at actually capturing those who attempt to cross illegally.

But that’s not what we were promised. For now, let’s just get the darn wall. Our elected officials are so obtuse when it comes to understanding technology, I won’t push for something so complex. Get the down payment on the wall. It’s a great place to start. Otherwise, the flow of illegal immigrants crossing over will never be impeded.

The wall is not a perfect solution. I’d prefer a much more practical, affordable, and effective virtual wall. But we need something and the GOP promised a wall. The fact they refuse to deliver it after two years is proof that they truly are feckless.

I’m JD Rucker. Thank you for listening.