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Twitter reinstates conservative Jesse Kelly’s account



Twitter reinstates Jesse Kellys account

Conservatives were up in arms over the permanent ban of radio host and conservative commentator Jesse Kelly. The backlash ranged from comical jabs at Twitter to outright fear of the social media giant’s widespread stifling of conservative voices on the platform.

According to Twitter, the permanent ban was actually a temporary suspension.

“The account was temporarily suspended for violating the Twitter Rules and has been reinstated,” A Twitter spokesperson told The Daily Wire. “We have communicated directly with the account owner.”

Many conservatives were concerned that if Kelly, who isn’t the most controversial figure on Twitter, can get suspended, who will be next?

Kelly, who writes for The Federalist, had some thoughts about his suspension before getting reinstated. Some of his fellow Federalist contributors were very vocal about their colleague being banned.

“In their efforts to protect marginalized voices on their platform, @jack [Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey] and @TwitterSupport have created a hostile environment that encourages bullying, intimidation, targeting and silencing of actual marginalized political voices,” said Federalist senior contributor Chad Felix Greene. “Twitter censors political resistance.”

Our editor-in-chief addressed the issue by calling for actions by conservatives that could allow us to keep using Twitter without living in fear of banishment. Kelly wasn’t the first prominent conservative voice quashed on the platform. In fact, there have been around a dozen in the last year, and that’s if you don’t include the alt-right accounts that were rightfully banned for encouraging violence and/or spreading white supremacy.

Twitter has yet to point to a specific rule Kelly had broken. They’ll deny it if true, but some are saying the backlash was greater than they expected. Many conservatives started breaking rules in protest. Overall, it was very poor optics for Twitter.