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The devil you know: Why Republicans should back Pelosi for Speaker



The devil you know Why Republicans should back Pelosi for Speaker

This will probably be the least read story ever on this site. The thought of supporting Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) for anything, let alone Speaker of the House, is unnatural, insane, and downright unAmerican.

It’s also the right thing to do for Republicans.

Pelosi may face stiff competition from within her caucus. At this point, nobody has stepped up to challenge her, but around two dozen have said they won’t vote for her. What’s unclear at this point is whether they simply won’t vote for her at the Democratic caucus later this month or if they intend to stick to their guns for the real vote in January.

If she doesn’t get the support she needs in January, some Republicans will need to step up and help her. It goes against everything we know as Republicans, but there are greater risks than Nancy Pelosi lying in wait. She may need Republicans to push her over the top, and they should.

Here are three reasons why it makes sense.

  1. The devil you know. As the title of this article implies, it’s better to go with the devil you know than the devil you don’t. We know Pelosi all-too well. We’ve spent decades opposing everything she says, does, and supports. That’s the point. We know what she’ll say, do, and support. Whoever is put into the Speaker’s chair if it isn’t her represents a great potential danger to Republicans and the republic itself.
  2. She can work with the President. They’ve clashed at times. They’ve called each other names. But at the end of the day Representative Pelosi and President Trump have gotten along. They can discuss things and come to conclusions. Those conclusions don’t always stick, but it’s a place to start. Now, imagine if someone who absolutely hates President Trump (which is most Democrats on Capitol Hill) ends up with in the Speaker’s chair. The President and Republicans may have no path forward for anything in their legislative agenda if they get a Democrat who won’t make deals.
  3. Keeping the Establishment afloat. As conservatives, we often find ourselves fighting the Republican Establishment. They’re often bigger thorns in our sides than Democrats because they don’t have the same excuse of congenital leftism that Democrats have. On the other hand, it’s imperative for Republicans that the Democratic Establishment staves off the onslaught of the Democratic Socialists. We wanted to face Hillary Clinton instead of Bernie Sanders in 2016. We’re seeing an ultra-progressive wave forming in the Democratic base that is a threat on multiple levels. Keeping Pelosi in power ensures failure. Allowing a Bernie Sanders acolyte to hold the gavel could be enough to bury their Establishment set for good.

It goes against our nature to root for Nancy Pelosi in any way. But sometimes the unnatural is the most logical course of action. Since it’s impossible for a Republican to be Speaker, it might as well be someone we know we can beat. That’s Pelosi.