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Democrats try to stop Young Kim from being first Korean-American woman in Congress



Democrats try to stop Young Kim from being first Korean-American woman in Congress

She’s an immigrant who supports DACA protections. She’s also a fiscally conservative Republican, the type that California desperately needs as they plummet further into economic distress. But Democrats are trying to prevent her from being the first Korean-American woman in the United States House of Representatives.

Young Kim is a Republican. That’s all they need to know to oppose her.

In the tight 39th district race in California, fiscal conservatives must come together to put her in office. Her opponent, Gil Cisneros, is a long-time proponent of Medicare-for-All, a dangerous policy that would bankrupt the state if enacted or demolish the country if brought about nationwide. Obamacare may be broken, but it can be fixed. Medicare-for-All cannot be fixed. If it’s ever realized, the economic burden on most taxpayers, rich and poor, will be outrageous.

Kim worked for long-time Congressman Ed Royce until he announced his retirement. He asked her to run because, as he put it, nobody knows the district better than she does. That message has been spreading, but Democrats are doing everything they can to paint her as an outsider. Judging by the polls, their devious tactics may be working.

They’ve even tried to paint her as a tax cheat, which even leftist Politifact had to deny in their fact-checking investigation.

Mainstream media continues to spread lies about many Republicans running for the House, but their attacks on Kim have been exceptionally aggressive. It’s not that they don’t want a Korean-American woman to be in the House of Representatives. They just don’t want the first one to be a fiscally conservative Republican.

To my fellow Southern California voters, I ask that you fight against the lies of mainstream media and Young Kim’s opponent. Her knowledge of the 39th district and her exceptional business experience are exactly what we need on Capitol Hill.