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Anti-Trump voters must decide between what’s best for them and what’s bad for Trump



Anti-Trump voters must decide between whats best for them and whats bad for Trump

To those opposed to President Trump, here are your choices: Vote in favor of your own prosperity or vote against President Trump’s legislative allies in Congress.

As pundit Hugh Hewitt noted, it may be better for Democrats and left-leaning Independents to keep their own best interests in mind this election and vote for Republicans.

“Seventy four percent of people think their own personal economics are good. That is a remarkable thing,” Hewitt said. “Do you vote to keep the economy humming or do you vote against President Trump?”

It would certainly put a damper on President Trump’s agenda if Republicans lose control of the House, Senate, or both. That agenda, railed on by Democratic candidates, has resulted in the best jobs numbers we’ve seen since man first walked on the moon. Wages are increasing, the economy is humming, and personal prosperity is becoming a reality for millions of Americans who were left desolate by eight years under President Obama.

Yes, many hate President Trump. But among those who do, there are many who have a hard time reconciling their distaste for the man with the personal success his policies have brought them.

As hard as it will be for many of these people, it may make more sense for them to vote to keep Republicans in charge of the House and Senate. They can go after President Trump directly in 2020, but until then they should hold their nose and keep the momentum going for the economy now.

Democratic repercussions

One of mainstream media’s favorite narratives right now is that the economy won’t be greatly affected if Democrats take control of the House or Senate. This is a bald faced lie. It’s not even really debatable as the evidence is crystal clear the nation’s economic success is a direct result of legislation put forth by Republicans on Capitol Hill and signed by the President.

If Democrats take control of the House, Senate, or both, the President’s agenda will be stalled. There is only so much he can do with a pen. If Democrats control the agenda on Capitol Hill, the President can do nothing to keep the economy rolling forward. He can only sign executive orders or legislation. Executive orders cannot drive the economy. With Democrats in control of either chamber of Congress, legislation will dry up.

Deadlock means the end of our economic progress, period.

We know more about what will happen after the election than what will happen with the election itself. Despite analysts’ predictions, it comes down to voters. Don’t listen to polls or pundits. Just vote.