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Guns and Crime

Tessa Tranchant died because of sanctuary city policies. Dave Brat wants to fix them.



I wasn’t looking for a story on Representative Dave Brat (R-VA). While doing some research on sanctuary cities and illegal immigration, I came across a video telling the story of Tessa Tranchant’s tragic death at the hands of an illegal immigrant protected by sanctuary city laws. I was shocked when Rep. Brat came on the screen.

I’ve been an avid supporter of Brat’s since his amazing primary victory over Eric Cantor. He’s in the race of his political career against Abigail Spanberger who, for some reason, is winning with her leftist message of defending the indefensible: MS-13.

Sanctuary cities, migrant caravans, and illegal immigration in general are real threats that should never be ignored no matter how much mainstream media tries to hide the issue.

Tessa Tranchant would be alive today if it weren’t for the leftists’ incessant desire to protect illegal immigrants more than they protect American citizens. This is why Dave Brat must win in Virginia on Tuesday.