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Schrödinger’s cat blew up. Now what?



Schrdingers cat blew up Now what

Before the identity of the bomb-sending terrorist was known, he/she/they were in a state similar to that of Schrödinger’s cat. Now that a suspect has been identified, the cat has officially blown up.

Trump detractors will claim the President is to blame for stirring up the kind of extremism that drove Cesar Sayoc to allegedly send fake bombs to Trump’s enemies. His supporters will say this is a deranged man doing things that deranged people do. We’ll see a lot of references to James Hodgkinson, the man who shot Representative Steve Scalise.

As with most things lately, the truth lies in a gray area that makes both sides right and both sides wrong.

President Trump has stoked an anger in his base that has made some of them more extreme than they previously were. As for his leftist foes, they too have played a major role in bringing incivility to the streets of America at a time when law and order should have the advantage.

Where does that put us? The answer is depressing.

Welcome to modern America

This didn’t start with President Trump. It didn’t start with Senator Bernie Sanders. It didn’t start with Antifa or white supremacists. The anger and extreme behavior that permeates American culture started when the country was formed and has manifested itself in outbursts of collective rage ever since.

Our history is pocked with the aggression that manifests as a part of human nature. These manifestations have taken dozens of forms to generate trends in behavior in the populace. It has been mostly positive at times, such as the collective anger combined with national pride that marked the 1980s. The actions that led to us winning the Cold War gave us an enemy in the USSR towards which we could point our anger.

We saw it in WWI and WWII as well, but it was different for the Korean and Vietnam Wars. Anger was internalized. We didn’t have enemies the general population hated. We had politicians keeping us at war that gave the people internal foes to hate and protest.

There are moments of relative calm before every storm throughout history, but modern America is different. Starting with 9/11 and continuing into the outrage of the right during the Obama era, the anger has manifested into a constant dissonance of point and counterpoint, nasty debate after nasty debate, which brought it all to a head in the 2016 election. When Trump won, the anger shifted.

Today’s anger towards Trump is stronger than the anger towards Obama. It isn’t just the shift between right and left. It’s that there hasn’t been a break since 9/11. The visceral fear and dismay have been constant for nearly two decades. Many people, including Cesar Sayok, have reached breaking points.

This is a time when insanity becomes the norm.

As a society, we’re now accustomed to hating one another. This has happened two other times in history. The first was the Civil War. The second was a string of events that included McCarthyism, the civil rights movement, and Vietnam War protests. We’re now in the middle of a similar turbulence. As with the previous two periods of internal strife, it seems like the division may be permanent.

It’s not. We made it through the previous two and came out the other end as a stronger nation. The same can happen now. It may not happen soon. Then again, it could also happen very quickly. Nobody can predict what national or world events can take place that unify us, but we’re not at a point of no return yet. If anything, the events that drive today’s fighting is minuscule compared to the previous two circumstances. Stakes are lower. Civility is higher (though that may be hard to believe in a time when civility seems to be waning).

There’s one major difference between events of today and the events that triggered the Civil War and the turbulence felt in America before and during the Vietnam War. Those situations were focused. The discontent manifested towards individual causes and events for extended periods of time. Today, the outrage is bouncing around so fast that few can even keep up.

Democrats are unified in their hatred for President Trump, but even in that unity there are challenges keeping up with what particular trait or action to hate at any given moment. The same was true for Republican hatred of President Obama.

In other words, the angry people of America aren’t sure where to point their anger at any given moment.

There are no unifying forces today. There’s no Abraham Lincoln or Martin Luther King Jr to change the conversation back towards healing. It isn’t Trump. It isn’t the Democrats. It isn’t the media. We’re a nation without moral leadership. That should worry us more than anything else about the state of modern America.

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If only one Democrat, mainstream media shill, or Hollywood snowflake admitted they were wrong about Mueller…



If only one Democrat mainstream media shill or Hollywood snowflake admitted they were wrong about Mu

My nasty, terrible, awful secret is that deep down, I thought Donald Trump Jr. colluded with the Russians. I know what you’re thinking. “How did you fall for the media’s fake news?” As ashamed as I am of this revelation, I figured based on the information being circulated, it made sense that Don Jr. got a tip that could help his father and he likely acted on it.

Following the summary of Robert Mueller’s investigation report that claimed there was no collusion by the Trump campaign, I’m pleased to acknowledge that I was wrong. Of course, I’m not a Democrat, a mainstream media shill, or a Hollywood snowflake. I’m just an innocent conservative who fell for onslaught of “bombshell” reports.

I was wrong and I’m happy about that.

Now, try to find anyone in the opposition party in newsrooms, Hollywood, or the DNC who is willing to admit they were wrong this whole time. Anyone? ANYONE?

Here’s the thing. If there’s one thing that would help heal this nation’s divide, it would be the Democrats coming out and acknowledging they made a huge mistake following faulty reports and wishful thinking that led them to believe in something that simply wasn’t there. Aren’t the Democrats about uniting the nation? Aren’t they the ones always saying the nation’s divided and it needs to be fixed?

I’m one of those people who likes many of the things the President is doing while not liking the way he’s doing it. But I’m also the type of person who can acknowledge when I was misled, and after falling for the witch hunt hoax of the century, I have no problem doing so now.

Therefore, I call on those who helped spread the Russian-Trump collusion narrative to publicly admit they were spreading the rumors from their own echo chamber and turning it into what they would consider to be news. If they can do that, I’ll actually regain a smidgen of respect for them.

It’s hard to admit when you’re wrong. I get it. But the nation is truly divided and the Russian-collusion fake news witch hunt hoax is the primary culprit of the last two years. Grow some integrity and acknowledge your errors, Democrats.

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Faux conservative media ignores GOP lies on abortion



Faux conservative media ignores Trump and GOP lies on abortion

Even though Republicans have failed the pro-life litmus test ever since the Republican-nominated Supreme Court decided 46 years ago in Roe v. Wade that women have a Constitutional right to murder their unborn child, they are playing the pro-life card once again for political purposes in preparation for the 2020 election.

This was extremely obvious last month when Mitch McConnell held a show vote on the “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act,” a bill introduced by Sen. Ben Sasse mandating medical care for babies that survive the abortion procedure attempted murder.

Like the GOP itself during the past two years of full control of Washington, the bill did nothing to bring an end to abortion. It did, however, give Mitch McConnell and the Republicans a nice political talking point to add to their 2020 election arsenal.

“This stunning, stunning extremism” will not “be the last word on the subject.”

By the way, Republicans played this same game in 2018 — an election year — with a House version of the BAASPA that died in the Senate.

I wrote last week about BlazeTV and how it had become a pro-Trump echo chamber and home of faux conservatives. In the piece, I mentioned an episode of Steve Deace’s show where he pointed out the Democrats’ “worship of abortion” and called on conservatives to “cheer” Donald Trump because he was using late-term abortion as a campaign issue.

In a rebuttal on his show the day after my article, Deace and his crew accused me of being in the “orange man bad” anti-Trump cult where criticism of Trump is only happens because we’re talking about Trump. Aside from the obvious attempt to dismiss my opinion without addressing it, my conclusions were based on Trump’s non-conservative policies, his track record of doublemindedness and broken promises regarding abortion, and BlazeTV’s decision to promote Trump as the savior of the Republic.

Yes, the Democrat party is the party of abortion and infanticide. Heck, the party’s 2016 platform championed Planned Parenthood and promised to protect government funding of their infanticide services. The platform also called for Democrats to overturn “all federal and state laws that impede a woman’s access to abortion, including repealing of the Hyde Amendment.”

The Democrat-controlled House has begun working on ways to repeal the Hyde Amendment. Claiming to possess a “pro-choice majority,” they are looking to find new ways for public funds to be used to murder the unborn, including coverage for abortions under Medicaid along with mandating abortion coverage under other government healthcare plans.

Here’s a fun fact: the much-ballyhooed Medicare for All single-payer healthcare plan being promoted by nearly every Democrat presidential candidate and some “conservative socialists” mandates coverage for abortion services. Once we have single-payer, every American will be funding the murder of unborn babies. Look for it to be included in the 2020 Democrat platform.

So, this means Deace was right about the Democrats, right? Yes, but he and others in the faux conservative media have turned this reality into a “squirrel moment” to distract voters away from the hypocrisy and lies we get from Trump — and by default, the GOP — on the abortion issue. Pointing to the obvious extremism of the Democrat Party while giving Trump a pass on abortion and “cheering” him for using it as a political weapon to get re-elected is nothing more than another edition of the #notDemocrat game we get from the GOP every election season.

Democrats haven’t had to worry about keeping their platform promise to protect Planned Parenthood because Trump and the GOP have been keeping that promise for them by not only continuing their funding, but increasing it. They have also increased funding for harvesting body parts from aborted babies for research purposes, included experiments using human fetal tissue on mice — tissue that comes from Planned Parenthood.

Democrats are pro-abortion to the extreme and Republicans are no different. But the GOP gets to hide behind the cover of a so-called conservative media that is all too willing to play the deceptive #notDemocrat game while “cheering” Trump and the GOP for tickling their ears.

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David Leach is the owner of The Strident Conservative. His daily radio commentary is distributed by the Salem Radio Network and is heard on stations across America.

Follow the Strident Conservative on Twitter and Facebook.

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Releasing the full Mueller report would destroy the Democratic Party for 2020 if it’s clean



Releasing the full Mueller report would destroy the Democratic Party for 2020 if its clean

Let’s play the hypothetical game. Now that Attorney General William Barr’s summary of Robert Mueller’s Russian election hacking report has indicated the President and his campaign did not collude with the Russians, the only thing the left can do is hope for a release of the full report. In it, they hope to find evidence that there really was collusion and possibly obstruction of justice, but not enough evidence to indict anyone on it. In the court of public opinion, it may be enough to win the 2020 election.

But what if there’s nothing? What if the Mueller report makes it even more clear than AG Barr’s conclusion that collusion didn’t occur? In that scenario, releasing the report would give the GOP every ounce of ammunition they need to sink the Democratic Party for the foreseeable future.

Imagine all the soundbites and Tweets of Democrats, media shills, and Hollywood activists over the last 22 months declaring with a certainty that the investigation was necessary, that it would yield fruit, and that it wasn’t a witch hunt. Now, imagine a Republican Party that was actually savvy when it comes to winning elections. I know it’s difficult to picture based on RNC’s campaign illiteracy, but try your hardest to picture effectiveness in campaign messaging by the GOP. Such a scenario would put dozens of Democrats across the nation in jeopardy based solely on the gigantic waste of time, energy, and personal investment.

They promised us they were going to take down the President and prove he stole the 2016 election. They banked on the notion that the only reason Hillary Clinton lost is because Donald Trump cheated. They screamed through tears of desperation in trying to protect Mueller because they assumed the President would fire him. When none of those things panned out, they revealed their attempts to rally the people for a righteous cause were actually manifestations of their Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Can you imagine all that? Good. Now, let’s look at the reality of the situation.

If the report is not released soon, it’s very likely there are things in there that the President doesn’t want made public. There would be no other reason to keep it sealed, especially after declaring that it should be released. The shadow of the report is going to grow much bigger than the meat of the report itself. The left is already playing like the Barr summary was just a smokescreen so the administration could keep the report sealed without getting backlash.

On the other hand, holding the report back for a little while could be the 4D chess we always hear about in regards to the President’s campaign strategies. If he can get the left banking even more on the report as their smoking gun before releasing it to reveal a giant nothingburger, it may not just be a few dozen Democrats across the nation in sudden election jeopardy. It could be the end for literally hundreds of them.

Don’t assume if the report gets held from the public for a while that it has something bad in it. If it gets released in a month or two after every Democratic candidate screams for it, then the nothinburger will be a poison pill for their whole party.

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