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By over-correcting, the #MeToo movement has jumped the shark



By over-correcting the MeToo movement has jumped the shark

I support the concept of the #MeToo movement. For too long, there has been silence allowing men in power to act out their aggressive and criminal sexual ways. From Harvey Weinstein to Al Franken to Blake Farenthold, powerful men in many industries and both political parties have been taken down by the #MeToo movement. These were good things.

What’s happening with Brett Kavanaugh is the #MeToo movement’s dark side. The silence by victims as well as the skepticism against accusers has been replaced by many non-victims making claims. It has also made it taboo to ask questions of alleged victims, let alone say anything at all other than blind support for anyone making claims.

This is an over-correction that’s playing out on the biggest stage. At stake is the future of the Supreme Court and therefore the nation itself.

When we hear Democratic Senators and people of power proclaiming they will not believe Brett Kavanaugh regardless of what he or Christine Blasey Ford said during their testimonies. Many of them said they would vote against President Trump’s nominee no matter who he nominated. In a society where everyone’s credibility is questioned, it’s ironic that the loudest opponents of Kavanaugh continue to throw their credibility out the window.

It’s unfortunate that this appears to be a stark example of an important and powerful movement “jumping the shark.”

The reality of what the #MeToo movement should have become is one that is pure and as blind as justice is supposed to be. Instead, everything is now seen through two different lenses. The first is applied to every accusation. It’s a lens of arbitrary rules set to remove gray area. Examples of these rules are that every accuser must be believed until indisputable proof that they are lying. This is, of course, the exact opposite of what was intended in our courts of law and what should be echoed in the court of public opinion. The burden of proof is on the accuser, not the accused.

There must be gray area. We must hear the accusations and be able to question the accusers just as we should question the accused. That’s harder thanks to the #MeToo movement. They want accusers insulated and believed no matter what. It makes it much easier to lie in order to destroy the innocent.

The second lens is being used today. It’s the lens of political desires. To most Republicans, Ford is not credible. To most Democrats, Kavanaugh is lying. Both perspectives are wrong. When it comes to something as important as this, we must try to seek the truth regardless of how it affects our politics. It’s not just about the Supreme Court. The future of a man and his family as well as potential vindication and justice for a woman and her family are at stake.

This is the ugly side of a worthy and important movement. When accusations are enough to potentially derail a man and the nation, the good from the movement turns ugly. The Democrats weaponized it and should be ashamed.