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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the other $38 trillion



By now, a good number of voters have seen this video where CNN’s Jake Tapper attempts to press Congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez about how she intends to pay for the generous government handouts that spearhead her platform. Perhaps more people need to see it as it’s a glaring display of fiscal ignorance.

It’s a question that needs to continue to be asked, not just of Ocasio-Cortez but of all the socialists out there running for office or promoting the untenable economic plan. Unfortunately, we haven’t actually seen a plan. We hear the promises of all the freebies we’ll get. We hear the claim that they can pay for it by taking money from the rich. Yet, we still haven’t seen anything close to the mathematics behind it or the plan to make it a reality.

This slice of an interview is a microcosm of the socialists’ biggest problem. They’re able to account for a minuscule portion of the price tag attached to their grand plans but they invariably divert and redirect any time they’re pressed on the most basic of questions: how are you going to pay for it. In this case, Ocasio-Cortez has to strain every penny from every rich person they can find in America to pay a mere 5% of what she’s promising.

Somehow, this isn’t reaching enough people. They love what they hear when they’re told they get free stuff, but they immediately plug their ears and block off the reasoning portion of their brain when details are discussed. There’s no such thing as free and despite claims the rich people can give their “fair share” to pay for it all, it simply can’t add up.

$40 trillion is a lot of money even spread over a decade. It’s more than we’re expected to take in over the next decade in total tax revenue. That means if we didn’t spend a penny on things such as defense, education, housing, community, running the government itself, or anything else other than the socialists’ agenda, we still wouldn’t have enough to pay for it all. We would need to more than double our current tax revenues.

No, that cannot be done by bleeding the rich no matter how fuzzy the socialists make their math.

Political news hounds are aware of the $38 trillion problem Ocasio-Cortez and other socialists have, but the masses in America have no idea. It’s up to all of us to spread the word and make them aware no matter how deeply they bury their heads in the sand.

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The Green New Deal: A debunking by John Stossel and friends



The Green New Deal A debunking by John Stossel and friends

Nearly all of the complaints from the right about the Green New Deal have been focused on the economic catastrophe the proposal would bring to America if it were ever implemented. That’s the right approach because trying to tackle it from a scientific or even an emotional angle is challenging; most Americans have bought into the notion that man-made climate change is real and will destroy the planet at some point in the future.

But there’s a reality that is rarely explored. Is it even the right approach? Are green energy sources as green as they’re made out to be by leftist politicians and their political scientists in the environmental movement? Some are starting to speak out against the science behind the science and point to an inconvenient truth: green energy isn’t as green as it’s made out to be. What’s worse is that the viability of going green is challenging even if we don’t take the financial repercussions into account.

If the goal is to reduce carbon emissions, nuclear power seems like the better alternative to coal and natural gas than wind or solar. It is more efficient, much easier to control, and yields a much higher bang for the buck. Moreover, one of the main reasons for opposing nuclear energy – safety – is blown out of proportions. Chernobyl was based on a faulty concept and architecture that made meltdown an inevitability. Fukushima was a real disaster that seemingly could not have been avoided. But in the scope of nuclear safety challenges, these two seem to be the only ones anyone ever mentions.

That’s because nuclear power is much safer than environmental scientists are willing to acknowledge because doing so would go against their agenda.

In this video by John Stossel, he explores the realities of the Green New Deal as well as the benefits of going nuclear over going for expensive renewable energy sources

As the left rushes to beat some arbitrary deadline (the latest in a series of alleged doomsday clocks proclaimed every decade), perhaps we should take a measured, diverse approach. Green, nuclear, and weening off fossil fuels over time makes the most sense.

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Stop underestimating the ignorance and gullibility of the left



Stop underestimating the ignorance and gullibility of the left

As a conservative, I can break down the left vs. right paradigm by using two edited axioms. For the left, it’s “If at first you don’t succeed, double down and make it even worse.” For the right, it’s, “If it ain’t broke, do everything to keep the left from trying to fix it.”

I’m sure my friends on the left (few, but present) would disagree. I do what I can to keep and never completely alienate my progressive friends because I need them to help me understand why they react certain ways to different people, ideas, and circumstances. For example, a cordial conversation I had with a former Bernie supporter the other day revealed to me she still likes him, but she’s much more excited about Beto O’Rourke and Elizabeth Warren. I asked her opinion of Pete Buttigieg. She knew nothing about him.

Yesterday, she told me she was all in for Buttigieg. I asked why. She said he seemed more genuine than Beto and a better campaign strategist than Pocahontas (her choice of nicknames).

That’s the state of affairs in the Democratic Party. Every candidate has their share of faithful followers, but outside of Sanders’ and possibly O’Rourke’ most faithful, the game is wide open for most Democratic voters. They move their preferences up and down, left and right just as Republicans did during the early days of the 2016 primary season. In that regard, the left and right aren’t very different. At this stage, a lot of the popularity of the candidates will be based solely on personality. People like who they like and as long as they check the right ideological boxes, the early days are nothing more than a personality contest.

This is why every candidate is picking and choosing their policies to promote as well as the policies to avoid. You can tell when a candidate believes in a more moderate approach to handle any issue when they’re not willing to say much about it. When they’re radical on an issue, they blast it out there. This is the part that scares me.

Those who were paying attention in the late months of 2014 and the early months of 2015 know something that would probably shock most voters today. There was a topic the GOP wanted to avoid altogether. Strategists said not to bring it up. Analysts said it was a losing issue. Then, Donald Trump announced his intention to run and suddenly the taboo topic was front-and-center. That’s right, before Trump entered the race and gave his famous speech about deporting Mexicans, the GOP consensus stated that immigration was a topic to be avoided through the primaries and possibly onto the general election.

It’s important to understand this because it demonstrates very clearly how election season, especially primary season, sets the stage for not only the topics that will be discussed but also the way the country will be governed based on which side wins. It concerns me greatly that the topics being discussed by the Democrats today are Medicare-for-All, Green New Deal, reparations, higher minimum wages, eliminating student debt, and socialism in general. The presence of these radical ideas in the early days of the primary season tells us these are the topics that will be driven home by the eventual winner of the Democratic nominee.

If the Democrat then wins, they’ll be expected to start implementing these ideas just as President Trump was expected to repeal Obamacare and build the wall. He ran on those ideas, so he’s expected to deliver.

Republicans might think, “Bring it on.” I hear about it when talking to GOP strategists. I see it in the bluster of keyboard pundits on Twitter. I even see it in the posts and statements by the GOP itself. Most are licking their chops at the opportunity to take on these radical progressive ideas. Unfortunately, they’re not doing it right, and by “they” I mean I’ve seen a tiny handful who are even taking it seriously.

What we’re seeing instead is the complacency that goes with underestimating the ignorance and gullibility of the left as well as the malleability of the center. That friend who now supports Buttigieg happens to be a nurse and happens to adore the ideas of both the Green New Deal and especially Medicare-for-All. When one of my other friends (who happens to be a more moderate leftist) asked her the standard question of how they’re going to pay for it, the new Buttigieg fan said, “The rich will pay for it.”

I started to rain on her parade with actual numbers, but stopped immediately. This wasn’t the time to debate anything, let alone the idiocy of believing only the rich would be dramatically affected by such insane increases in the budget. After all, I need to keep some progressive friends around and this particular one would never have spoken about politics with me again if I shared the truth with her. I let it go.

It’s anecdotal, but I have a very strong feeling this thinking is common and growing more prevalent every day. This wasn’t a random reasoning. This is what they’re saying among the hyper-leftists in the Democratic Party. It seems every candidate has a variation of the “hose the rich” plan. They know very clearly that the numbers are far too large for the average American to stop and think about. There are sheep on both sides of the political aisle, but the numbers are going up dramatically on the left thanks to the sudden total disregard for fiscal responsibility that is now Kosher to the new Democrats.

And the people will follow. They won’t challenge them. They won’t question them. They won’t do the math. They’ll nod their heads in unison as these candidates promise exponentially more than Bill Clinton or Barack Obama ever had the gall to promise.

The fact that these socialistic ideas absolutely, positively cannot work will be ignored by the candidates as they fly over the heads of the leftist voters. I’m not saying they’re stupid. Many are quite bright. But anyone who believes socialism has any chance of success is willfully ignorant to the facts and gullible to the progressive sales pitch.

It is incumbent on conservatives to do everything we can to educate the population. If you’re as cynical as me, you’ll probably think it’s a nearly impossible task. If you’re as worried as me, you’ll know there’s nothing else we can do but try.

What we MUST NOT do is take jabs at the ideologies and policy proposals with an assumption the voters will get the jokes. Here’s Tweet tonight from the GOP:

As Tweets go, this one is horrible. Imagine a leftist or even a centrist leaning towards Medicare-for-All reading this. Government takeover of the healthcare system, single-payer, and elimination of private health insurance – to someone who doesn’t understand the numbers, this might seem like the GOP is endorsing Buttigieg because none of the negatives they pointed out are negatives in the minds of most leftists.

But it’s worse than that. This Tweet nor anything I’ve seen from the GOP so far on Twitter or elsewhere does anything to teach Republican voters how to counter arguments in favor of Medicare-for-All. Zero. The next election is going to be won or lost based on whether the GOP can demonstrate these “new” ideas are bad. And it won’t just be the candidates and pundits who need to do this. The voters themselves need to be able to make a solid case for why any one of these ideas are horrible.

The GOP needs to step up its game and attack the horrible leftist policy proposals with facts. Right now, it seems like they assume most Americans believe socialism is bad. Come election day, that may not be the case if the GOP doesn’t fix their messaging.

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PragerU: Is Denmark socialist?



Is Denmark socialist

Not too long ago, many socialist, including presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, thought the model of the future for America was Venezuela. They saw the prosperity that the oil-rich nation was enjoying in its early days of socialism and said, “That’s us. That’s where America needs to be.”

Fast forward to today and suddenly every socialist is disavowing Venezuela altogether, claiming that the model of America was never really the model they thought it was and it’s not even real socialism. Why? Because it failed. Therefore, by the socialists’ reckoning, that must mean they didn’t do it right.

Now, Denmark is suddenly the model for America’s future. But there’s a problem. Denmark is a free-market nation that has been peeling away at its socialist foundation for decades. While they enjoy some of the most robust social programs in the world, they’re doing so at such a high price that the people are left with very little other than the essentials. Yes, they have free healthcare, but more citizens are turning to private insurance to bypass the poor treatment and long wait times associated with single-payer healthcare. Yes, they have free schooling, but grade-level students are being shifted to private schools at nearly a 20% pace while the “free” college system is being taken advantage of by those who are clever enough to realize they’re better off staying in college indefinitely than graduating and being thrown into the world of working to pay for the system.

This video by PragerU’s Otto Brons-Petersen breaks down the reality of the socialist utopia leftists often point to as their beacon of hope for a failed economic and political philosophy.

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