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Facebook’s plan to filter the news and blame users for the results



Facebooks plan to filter the news and blame users for the results

If there’s one thing Facebook has gotten much better at over the years, it’s in how they spin their policy changes. There was a time not too long ago when everything they did blew up in their face from public backlash as they fumbled through updates and changes. Today, they’ve learned how to paint the narrative the way they want us to see it.

The latest version of this is their “objective” way of determining which news sources get promoted and which get filtered out of timelines. Their methodology: rely on users to essentially vote on which sources to trust and which to pan. With a majority of users leaning left, it’s pretty easy for Facebook to be “objective” and still get the desired results.

Here’s the story from Daily Caller:

Facebook Fights Fake News By Letting Users To Rank News Sources

Facebook, which has taken heat for spreading misinformation, plans to start ranking news sources by how “trustworthy” users believe they are, according to a statement on the latest News Feed update. News sources will be evaluated on trustworthiness, how informative it is, and relevance, but Facebook will not be making decisions on news outlets itself. “We…