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There’s nothing feminist about all-female spinoffs like Ocean’s 8



The whole world is super-excited about the all-female version of the mostly-male movie Ociean’s 11. Or, maybe we’re not. Are feminists pleased? I hope not. They shouldn’t be.

The 2001 George Clooney movie, which itself was a remake of the 1960 Frank Sinatra movie, was fun, different, and star-studded. Apparently, it had too many “studs,” so the new version, Ocean’s 8, went down the popular (for whatever reason) trend of taking male movies and putting a female spin to them. This is a mistake and it belittles the feminist movement.

On its surface, the trailer tells us this might actually be a good movie. Too bad they didn’t just make an all-female caper that wasn’t pulling from previous material. The message from Hollywood, after Ghostbusters and other re-imagined debacles, is that for an all-female movie to be successful, it needs to attempt to be an improvement on what men have done.

Why not just do something new and fresh?

I want to see more movies with female leads. ArrivalBlack SwanThelma & Louise, Brides Maids, Million Dollar Baby, Room, Juno, Erin Brockovich, Steel Magnolias, Brooklyn, and countless other movies demonstrated the depth of feminism in both the movies themselves as well as the portrayals by incredible actresses. We need more of these movies. We don’t need more remakes. It actually hurts the feminist cause.