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Jack Phillips on defending personal beliefs



Jack Phillips on defending personal beliefs

Today, Jack Phillips and those supporting him are trying to defend his religious liberty. It’s not just about him or Masterpiece Cakeshop, though. This is a case that’s going to have ramifications on the entire nation. The Supreme Court will decide if we are able to hold our religious beliefs above political correctness in a society that is increasingly less tolerant of such things.

In an article that he wrote for USA Today, Phillips expressed his views. This line encapsulates his entire argument:

“Just as I shouldn’t be able to use the law to force others to design something that promotes my beliefs, others shouldn’t be able to force me to design a cake that celebrates theirs.”

Source: USA Today

Here’s why I can’t custom-design cakes for same-sex weddings’m happy to sell a cake to anyone, whatever his or her sexual identity. People should be free to make their own moral choices. I don’t have to agree with them.

But I am responsible for my own choices. And it was that responsibility that led me to decline when two gentlemen came into my shop and invited me to create a wedding cake for their same-sex ceremony.