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Matt Walsh says if you can’t condemn preborn baby murder get another job



Matt Walsh is calling out pastors to speak up and speak out against not only abortion (child killing) but sin in general and how Jesus Christ can save us.

This isn’t complicated. It’s the same Christian teaching that’s been taught for the last 1500 years. We have simply stopped listening because we’re having too good a time.

WALSH: To All Pastors Afraid Of Condemning Abortion: Find A New Job. You Aren’t Qualified. | Daily Wire to teach a person about the hope of Christ without teaching him about sin is like trying to teach someone how to use a parachute without teaching him first about gravity. “Here, just pull this cord and you’ll be fine.” What happens if I don’t? “Don’t worry about that! It’s too icky to think about!” There are a lot of people who never pulled the cord because nobody ever told them what would happen if they didn’t, and now the hope the parachute afforded them is of little consequence as they lay splattered all over the pavement. This is the story of modern man, thanks in large part to “Christian leaders” like the good pastor Lentz. We want to be saved without ever having to think about or acknowledge what exactly we’re being saved from. We want Christ without His cross. Joy without suffering. Forgiveness without repentance.