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Bloomberg health reporter’s ghoulish tweet ignites revulsion on Twitter



What’s the cost of around 10,000 babies being born each year? According to the CBO estimate on H.R. 36, which was passed Tuesday by the House, it’s $175 million in additional Medicaid costs over 10 years. The CBO, by law, has to come up with these estimates, and the amounts are vanishingly small, lost in a $1 trillion federal budget.

Bloomberg BNA health policy writer Alex Ruoff decided to tweet this ghoulish number.

Without context, it certainly looks like a good way to save $175 is to let 25 or 30 babies perish every day, rather than let them be born, which costs more money. This tweet set Twitter off in a fit of revulsion.

Final Thoughts

Maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to tear into Mr. Ruoff, because after all, it’s part of his job to tweet about these things. But it wasn’t too smart to offer something like that without context. What’s really scary is that many on the left think that saving money is a great justification for killing people.