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Why Ted Cruz doesn’t support the bipartisan Obamacare bailout



Why Ted Cruz doesnt support bipartisan Obamacare bailout

President Trump needs it. Most Republicans on Capitol Hill are willing to accept it. Nearly every Democrat is salivating over the victory they’ll achieve by bailing out Obamacare while the GOP controls the House, Senate, and White House.

With Graham-Cassidy dead, the best “hope” for movement on the healthcare front coming from Congress is the Alexander-Murray bipartisan Obamacare bailout bill. Currently, three conservative Senators are known to oppose it: Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Mike Lee. They’re joined in opposition by a handful of moderate Republicans and liberal Democrats, though for very different reasons. Cruz summed up his reason for opposing the bill in two sentences:

“The American people did not send us here to bail out insurance companies. They sent us here to repeal and replace Obamacare.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Source: Liberty Conservative

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Conspiracy Theory

Roswell, NM: Home of alien conspiracy theories, protector of preborn babies



Roswell NM Home of alien conspiracy theories protector of preborn babies

When many Americans think of Roswell, New Mexico, the first thing that comes to mind is their history as a hub for extraterrestrial conspiracy theories. That’s where the infamous Roswell spaceship crash occurred, which the government unrelentingly denies.

But the city has a new claim to fame. It’s unofficially a “fetal life sanctuary city” after the city council passed a resolution claiming “fetal life” should be protected. This news is fresh, so the city has not had to face questions about what that means or lawsuits form the ACLU at this time, but both will happen soon enough.

My Take

This is the type of limited-government federalism that should be happening all across the country. Most federalism-minded folks like to talk about states’ rights, but counties, cities, communities, and individuals have their own place in government, and this seems like a perfect example of federalism in action.

Kudos to Roswell. We are a crowdfunded pro-life site, so it’s wonderful to see a victory with so many defeats in recent years. New Mexico is notorious for being very loose with their abortion laws, so having a city fight back against the overreach of state and national laws is wonderful.

The fight to promote a pro-life society often gives too much emphasis to DC. States and even cities have battles we can win if we’re willing to fight with everything we have for preborn babies.

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Why everyone, even abortion activists, should be happy Ohio court allowed them to defund Planned Parenthood



Why everyone even pro-abortion activists should be happy court allowed Ohio to defund Planned Parent

The two opposing viewpoints when it comes to funding Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics are based on whether or not our tax dollars should be used to pay for abortions on demand or not. Planned Parenthood supporters want access for everyone and government money helps achieve this. Pro-Life activists want abortions limited or removed altogether, making funding of abortion clinics antithetical to their cause.

This is why a ruling in Ohio is getting so much attention.

But this isn’t really about pro-abortion versus pro-life. It really isn’t even about whether or not Planned Parenthood should be funded by taxpayers. This portion of the debate is about whether or not a state legislature has the power to decide how the people’s money is spent. For a court, any court, to claim that doing so is unconstitutional should send shivers down everyone’s spine, even those who support funding Planned Parenthood. When the courts decide who gets taxpayer funding, the power of the people is lost.

One of the things that separates NOQ Report from other conservative news outlets is our willingness to go to the heart of a matter. On the surface, this seems like a fight over funding, but the real issue here that everyone seems to be ignoring is the removal of our rights when an overpowered court continues to neuter our elected officials. This is why we request our readers help keep us 100% crowdfunded. We need support to keep these messages flowing.

Let’s fight this battle with our votes. Let’s fight it in state capitals. Even those who oppose defunding Planned Parenthood should be able to recognize that a judge declaring withdrawal of funding unconstitutional is a dangerous precedent. They wouldn’t be so happy about it if a different judge said it was illegal to fund Planned Parenthood. If that were the case, even pro-life conservatives should be screaming about overreach.

Judicial activism is rampant in America. It’s happening on both sides, though the left seems to be much more willing to contort the Constitution to fit their political ideology.

The debate over funding should be fought in the legislature. When the courts step in and declare a legislature does not have the right to fund or defund an entity, it’s clear judicial overreach. Neither side of the debate should want this.

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Conservatives are attacking socialism with the wrong arguments



Conservatives are attacking socialism with the wrong arguments

Every time one of the new hyper-leftist radical progressives proposes another component of their overarching socialist agenda, the first question usually asked by conservatives is, “How are you going to pay for it?” This is natural. We’ve grown accustomed to asking this question when pretty much any shiny new initiative is offered, even if it isn’t socialistic.

But here’s the thing. It’s time to stop asking that question for two important reasons and one exponentially more critical reason. First, the math is always fuzzy and there are far too many Americans who have a hard time properly visualizing the difference between a million, billion, and trillion. Second and more importantly, the more we ask this question, the sooner they’re going to start giving answers that would make sense to left-leaning or even moderate voters. We’re seeing it already in the latest versions of tax-the-rich-to-feed-the-poor proposals that, despite the math being abysmal, still makes sense to many Americans.

There’s a third reason this is the wrong mentality to have. It comes down to the real threat of socialism and all of its components. The financial implications, which fly over the heads of many if not most Americans, are minuscule compared to what socialism really does to Americans. It takes away our freedoms. It mandates aspects of our life that belong in the realm of free will. I may want a gas-economical car because it makes sense for my family and I like the reduced pollutants it emits, but socialism wants to force me to abandon fossil fuels altogether. That’s an example of what one component of socialism would do. Through mandates and government decrees, our rights to choose what’s best for us and our families are taken away as a direct result of every socialist proposal on the table now and planned for the future.

If conservatives keep using the economy as the argument against socialist proposals, we’re going to end up with watered down versions. Obamacare, for example, was destined to fail but it has survived so long because conservatives attacked the economic aspects of it instead of taking the proper angle of going after what it truly represents to the American people. As a result, we haven’t defunded it, haven’t repealed it, barely adjusted it, and the next variation to replace it when it finally becomes unworkable will likely be a supercharged version such as Medicare-for-All. Why? Because conservatives focused on the money instead of the underlying risk it posed to our nation. Challenges the free market economy had in regards to healthcare and health insurance in the past are infinitesimal compared to the catastrophe that will come if the government takes full control through Medicare-for-All.

Conservatives have an ideological advantage when it comes to socialism that has nothing to do with economic factors. We believe an Americans’ right to choose what kind of car they drive, who provides their healthcare or health insurance, where we work and how much we make. This last one is the big selling point right now for socialists because it goes to the heart of the ignorance being displayed by Americans who believe in raising the minimum wage. We can and should be paid based upon the value we provide to an employer. If we want to make more money, we can either improve our work, advance in the company we’re in, or find a better job that pays more. We have those choices. But in a socialistic society, those choices are reduced or eliminated. It starts because of the incompatibility with capitalism, as they’ve learned in every place that raised the minimum wage. New York was the latest to feel the sting, especially in the standard first casualty, the restaurant industry.

But this initial rejection of choices and the economic drawbacks of increasing the minimum wage are nothing compared to the socialist response: mandated income. When the jobs dry up because they’re forced to overpay their employees, two things will happen. First, we’ll see the freedom of businesses to operate as they see fit dramatically reduced. It will become harder for them to hire or fire people. It will become criminal to reduce hours. Second, those who simply cannot or will not work based upon personal preference will join the ranks of those who cannot work based on unavoidable challenges. The person who doesn’t want to work will get the same government attention and benefits as those who want to work but cannot.

This may all sound like an economic argument, but look closer. Just as our rights as individuals are attacked through mandates on fossil fuels, healthcare, and “vices” such as meat consumption (yes, they’ll come after the meat soon enough), so too are the rights of business owners attacked by other socialistic mandates.

It really does all come down to freedom and the hyper-left’s desire to take those individual freedoms away for the sake of the collective.

Conservatives haven’t had to formulate much of a script to counter socialism because Americans were once aware that it was bad. As more Americans open up to the notion, it’s imperative conservatives start asking more than, “How are you going to pay for it?” That’s not going to cut it in a battle against the willfully blinded progressive base.

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