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Trump deletes Tweets supporting Luther Strange in Alabama



Trump Deletes Tweets

They weren’t going to do any good anymore now that the race is over. They apparently didn’t do much good before the voting started, either. President Trump deleted Tweets leading up to election day for the runoff between Luther Strange and Roy Moore. They were fighting for the GOP nomination for Senator. Trump backed Strange. Moore won.

Twitter tracking site Polititwoops monitors accounts of public officials. When they delete Tweets, they’re archived on the site. The operation, run by ProPublica, claims to have been monitoring Trump’s Tweets since May 18, 2015, around the time he was announcing his candidacy for President. They¬†logged three deleted Tweets that supported “Big Luther.”

Older Tweets supporting Strange go back over a month and were not deleted at this point.

The President is no stranger to the Twitter delete button. He often corrects mistakes in Tweets he sends; a Tweet congratulating Moore for his victory was deleted and replaced with one that accurately reflected the month of the general election. The three pro-Strange Tweets were most likely stricken to remove them from his official social media record.

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