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Guns and Crime

Roy Moore showed a purse pistol at his rally and the media had a heart attack



Monday night, at what’s been called Roy Moore’s pre-election victory party in Alabama, the candidate locked in a GOP Senate runoff with Sen. Luther Strange pulled out a tiny, shiny pistol. It looked to me like a .32 revolver, the kind a woman keeps in her purse.

The barrel might have been an inch long, if that.

And the media had a collective heart attack. You’d have thought Moore pulled a Browning Automatic Rifle from a duffle bag, loaded a 20-round magazine, and pulled back the bolt.

Of course, the collective liberal twitterverse echoed this sentiment.

Phil Robertson, who shared the stage with Moore, might have used that little pistol to kill flies, or snakes. But fear of firearms is one of the left’s best talking points.


Alabama runoff candidate Roy Moore pulls gun out at campaign rally | Jessica Estepa, USA Today a video of the Monday rally, the former Alabama chief justice said false ads had said he didn’t believe in the Second Amendment.

Roy Moore Whips Out A Gun At Rally | The Daily Caller“You know, they say that guns are bad, that they kill people. Well I know a lot about guns. I’m the one that used guns in combat. I know what guns do … Guns don’t kill, people kill. (You could say) cars kill, are we going to get rid of our cars? Are we going to get rid of our knives? No. We’ve got to bring morality back to our country,” Moore said after putting his gun away.

Moore was met with a large applause by his supporters in the audience. “We’ve got to uphold the Second Amendment,” he said.

Roy Moore pulls out gun on stage at rally on Alabama election eve – CBS News a white cowboy hat and leather vest at a Monday night rally, Moore repeated the conservative Christian themes he has used his entire public career. He also lashed out at attack ads run against him in the race, including one suggesting he was weak on gun rights. “I believe in the Second Amendment,” Moore said as he pulled a handgun from his pocket.

Ala. Senate candidate pulls out his gun during campaign rally – ABC News predicted that Moore, whom he mistakenly called “Ray,” would have a “hard time” in the December 12 general election against Democrat Doug Jones, The Associated Press reported on Monday.

Roy Moore pulls his gun out in front of the crowd at campaign rally“AL Senate favorite Roy Moore just pulled a real gun out of his pocket at his rally. No joke,” Christina Wilkie from CNBC tweeted Monday night.


Final Thoughts

Come on! It was a tiny handgun. It was probably his wife’s. People in Alabama carry bigger pistols than that in their socks. But any gun at all to the left makes one a homicidal maniac.

Don’t you know that guns kill people, in the middle of the night, by themselves?

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