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Religious freedom is under seige



The Dallas-Fort Worth based religious liberty organization Liberty First recently just put out a 418-page booklet called “Undeniable: The Survey of Hostility to Religion in America.” It is an extensive read of how so called Civil Liberty-Libertarians and/or Free Thinker-Atheist groups who are in reality just a part of the first wave front group for the Progressives in their attempt to “fundamentally transform America” into their utopia, in which their understanding of “Situational Ethics” will allow them to force upon the American people their worldview that runs counter to many people of faith.

If you think what I just stated is hot air, you need to look no further than the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF). It was founded by Anne Nicol Gaylor who prior to the founding FFRF was and still was up until her death in June 2015 an advocate of so called abortion rights (i.e. Pre-Born Baby/Child Murder) and population control (which it means eventually legalized murder of anyone deemed unfit). She also served on the board of directors on what is known today as NARAL Pro-Choice America. She also wrote a book that also became one of her proudest statements in political activism. That statement and book is called; “Abortion is a Blessing” (the book is out of print but the entire book can be read at their website). Granted you can talk about how pregnancy is no cake walk and yes there were women that died in child birth but that is another article in itself.

The American Civil Liberties Union was founded by Roger Baldwin who opposed America entering World War I and actually supported the Communist regime of Russia that recently took over that respected nation, but eventually Baldwin did condemn the actions of Joseph Stalin and tried to put a distance between his ACLU and open activists of Communism in America. Still, the ACLU to this very day is a first wave progressive attack group. Both the ACLU and FFRF are supporters of the “Do No Harm” act, which if it ever passed would modify the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) in the favor of Pro-Abortion and LGBT activists. They could not object to doing business with homosexual activists nor they can object to funding abortion and birth control plans in the company health care policy (nor can any religious organization object). Now do you understand why they just want to limit your faith to just the four walls of your church? Abortion and the LGBTQ agenda are just the tip of the iceberg, and there are other groups that share the same mind set with the ALCU and FFRF.

Residents take sides as Rowan County commissioners decided to appeal prayer lawsuit to Supreme Court | Salisbury Post the 20 people who spoke, most were in favor of the commissioners appealing the 4th Circuit Court decision that said the commissioners acted unconstitutionally by offering sectarian prayers before their meetings.

But six of the 20 asked the commissioners not to appeal the ruling and to accept the verdict.

“We all understand that this is a predominantly Christian county,” said Whitney Peckman. “However, we are a rapidly changing community, and many more ethnicities and religions are now represented.”

In 2011 there were 600 attacks on religious freedom, fast forward to 2016 and that number jumps to 1400 (133% increase). After eight years of President Barack Obama, the progressives have become embolden than ever to eventually push their world view and agenda and finally do away with what the founders intended including Freedom ‘OF’ Religion. The first wave progressive groups did a great job of twisting the 1st Amendment like a pretzel and inserting Thomas Jefferson’s letter to the Danbury Baptists into the 1st Amendment and twisting that letter as well. The state used to protect faith, but that has been turned on its head and now the State can tell Churches what to do but the Church can’t object has to submit to whatever the state wants.

First Liberty is fighting the battle that should have been fraught long ago. “Undeniable” documents the legal threats made by the likes of the ACLU, FFRF etc etc, and how public schools and universities and local governments are really breaking the law while trying to avoid a fight with the first wave progressives. These Progressives might have the money, but First Liberty has the knowledge and try to make us understand the rights people of faith have. The book is free and available on either hard copy and digital download by visiting The time to fight is now, because Progressivism is becoming the State Civic Religion if not already.

Downgrading religious freedom would cheapen our own lives, the ability to live according to one’s conscience is now at risk. The recent contentious national debates over same-sex marriage, contraception, and transgender bathrooms have battered the very principle that protects conscience rights. The solution to these conflicts, some suggest, is to downgrade our First Amendment rights by limiting its expression only to our homes or houses of worship.