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Curt Schilling blasts CNN host on ESPN’s anti-conservative purges



CNN host Michael Smerconish tried to corner former Red Sox reliever Curt Schilling on the issue of President Donald Trump’s calling out ESPN for its double-standard on “fireable offenses.”

Schilling, now a radio host, was fired by ESPN in 2016 for a Facebook post about transgender bathrooms, while Jemele Hill’s calling the president a “white supremacist” resulted in the network defending its decision to keep her on board.

“The problem is, for me,” Schilling said, “is that they openly support what I believe to be racist liberal agenda platforms while denying they do, which is kind of frustrating.”

When Smerconish accused Schilling of using a shared photo to “besmirch an entire class of individuals,” claiming “that’s why you got fired,” Schilling shot back.

Watch: Curt Schilling Gets Into Fiery Debate on CNN as He Points Out ESPN Hypocrisy – IJR his interview with CNN, Schilling stated, “I wasn’t fired for speaking my mind, I was fired for being a conservative,” strongly hinting at the fact he believes ESPN is heavily biased. He went on, saying, “she has no place in any platform that represents sports.”


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