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It’s time to replace the two parties



Its time to replace the two parties
The more you give of your time and money to a political system that has failed, the longer the system will continue to fail us.

Can you name the eminently qualified jurist who was nominated for high federal service, but was blocked from consideration by a US Senator for transparently partisan political gain? If you said Justice David Stras, you are correct. If you said Merrick Garland, you are also correct.

David Stras was nominated by Pres Trump to fill a seat on the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals, and has wide bi-partisan support, including that of Democrat Gov Mark Dayton. Despite this, the nomination has now been derailed by Sen Al Franken, not because Franken thinks he is bad at being a judge, but because he deems Stras to be too conservative.

Justice Merrick Garland was nominated by Pres Obama as associate justice of the US Supreme Court to replace Justice Scalia. He was widely recognized as a moderate centrist, and had the immediate support of Republican Senator Orrin Hatch, among others. His nomination was derailed before it began by Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, who declared unequivocally that no nomination by Pres Obama would be considered by the GOP Senate. Sen McConnell offered no legal, ethical or moral justification of his decision.

Sadly, this kind of partisan political wrangling has not only become common in America, it has become so common that the average American hardly takes note anymore. Each party protests when their opponents break the rules, but justify it when their own side goes on to do the same thing. Democrats bemoan the filibuster as an instrument of tyranny by the minority when they are in power, but heavily rely on it when they are out of power. Republicans call raising the debt ceiling irresponsible and dangerous when they are out of power, but when in control of Congress change their tune and say they have to raise the debt ceiling just one more time.

This two-party system worked fairly well in America for a long time, but that time is long past. The tea party movement on the right and the progressive revolution on the left have both failed to gain traction in either party. At the national level, the Republican and Democrat parties have stopped representing their voters and are instead representing themselves, with the single goal of hanging on to political power, because with power comes influence, and with influence comes the money that fuels the parties.

Worst of all, both parties now offer more government as the cure to all of our problems. Don’t like the curriculum your kids are being taught in school? Give this party a donation and they will get a law passed by Congress to ban it. Don’t like the size of your paycheck? Give this party a donation and they will get a law passed by Congress to force your employer to pay you more.

The time has come for America to replace the two parties. Not only is it not unprecedented- the US has had five major political party periods in our history- but statistically speaking it is overdue. The average political era in America lasts about 34 years; the current political era of Republicans and Democrats has lasted 53. The more you give of your time and money to a political system that has failed, the longer the system will continue to fail us.

Take a step back and look at the forest instead of the trees, and I think you will agree.


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This is what the President should do to end the shutdown and build the wall



This is what the President should do to end the shutdown and build the wall

A good journalist would take the details of the plan I’m about to lay out and expand on every excruciating detail in order to give it some meat. I’m going to keep this really, really straight forward. In fact, I’m going to do it in Twitter format – 280-characters or less per paragraph.

Dear Mr. President: There is a path you can take to improve border security, end the shutdown, deliver the State of the Union, build the wall, and make Democrats look like intellectual lightweights…

1. Accept the deal the Democrats are offering to fund $5.7 billion towards improved border security. Make a plan for improved technology, more border patrol agents, and more immigration judges. Let’s catch them more easily and either let them in or send them home faster.

2. Open up the government. Get these people their paychecks, get tax returns and food stamps out on time, and get the TSA and other government agencies working properly again. Hold a big press conference with Nancy Pelosi inviting you to the State of the Union.

3. Keep quiet until the State of the Union. Tweet about this man’s book or that woman’s awesome award. Tweet about the State of the Union, Venezuela, term limits (conservatives would LOVE that!). Tweet about ANYTHING other than the wall.

4. At the #SOTU, lead with jobs/economy, but quickly shift to the border crisis. Reveal that with some of the money allocated for border security, you’re assigning a task force of law enforcement’s drug smuggling and transnational organized crime experts to find border issues.

5. Announce you are having them request support from the Secretary of Defense, at which point he can invoke 10 U.S.C. 284 to begin immediate construction of a steel slat border fence in the areas deemed vulnerable by your task force.

6. Thank the Democrats for funding the necessary components of border security that will work in conjunction with the new border wall. Smile big. Point at Nancy Pelosi. Give her a hearty clap and ask the crowd to join you.

7. Once all this is done, work with your advisers to come up with a fair but clear cut way to make Mexico pay for it. They may not write a check, but we still have plenty of leverage to extract the funds through other means.

Some of you will note that I’m not a fan of the President’s, so why would I offer a solution. I’m a fan of America. I want the border secured. I want Americans to get paid instead of being political pawns. I may not agree with everything the President does or how he goes about doing it, but we need to set aside our complaints for now to get the wall built and the government shutdown ended.

This series of actions would let the President and America have our cake and eat it, too. More funds for border security. Government shutdown ended. Border wall getting built. This is exactly what the President needs to do to win big for all of us.

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The real concern about Ilhan Omar’s deleted Tweet



The real concern about Ilhan Omars deleted Tweet

In less time than it took to win her seat, Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has elevated herself to be one of the most talked-about members of Congress. Her fame has very little to do with actions and a lot to do with how mainstream media treats her. But her real claim to fame is flaming fires all over Twitter.

That seems to be popular for some Democrats lately.

Omar has come under fire for attacking Israel, calling one of our best allies “evil.” She took heat for insinuating Senator Lindsey Graham had been compromised by Russia. Now, she may have finally gone too far with a Tweet last night that was later deleted.

Here’s a screenshot of the vile post:

Ilhan Omar Tweet

Keep in mind, this was Tweeted over a day after her first two bullet points were debunked. The last bullet point, which is probably factual though framed with her bias inserted, is irrelevant.  There’s aren’t a whole lot of teenagers who don’t need help preparing for their first interview on national television after being lied about, doxxed, faced unjustified expulsion from school, and had their lives threatened.

But that’s what happens, at least in today’s world. We’ve become so filled with pure hatred – left hating right, right hating left – that we take turns being more wrong on the issues. Most readers will point to the left being more hate-filled in their vitriol and I would certainly agree. But for argument’s sake, the left would say the same thing about us. It’s a standoff, and a pointless one at that. Whoever has more unhinged hatred towards the other side is irrelevant. What IS relevant is when that hatred comes from DC in the form of our representatives being the instigators.

In this case, Omar was clearly the instigator by promoting things she knew were 100% false but that fit her personal narrative too nicely to ignore. Facts are for fools to the radical progressive wing of the Democratic Party.

All of this brings us to the point. There’s a real problem with her Tweet:

When lies are endorsed as truth by the masses, there’s no longer an incentive for the nefarious-at-heart to tell the truth. This empowers them to create their narratives and agendas around fantasy. That, friends, is more dangerous than the initial lies themselves.

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Culture and Religion

The complete fraud that is socialism




The complete fraud that is socialism

Once again we are witness to the age-old scam of socialism with Leftists making promises to attain power that can never be fulfilled.

Long before Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago exposed the systematic oppression, torture, incarceration and deliberate mass murder that are the hallmarks of socialistic slavery. James A. Michener documented the 1956 Hungarian uprising against communism in his book ‘The Bridge at Andau’. While both are great literary works, ‘The Bridge at Andau’ laid bare the complete fraud that is the collectivist ideologies in creating a ‘Heaven on Earth’ or ‘worker’s paradise’ that never comes to fruition.

The selling of socialistic slavery to a new generation tends to follow a certain type of ‘progress’. Promises are made for all kinds of largess ranging from Free Healthcare, Free Housing, Free College, Free food to even Free income. All paid for with other people’s money. Never mind that It’s impossible to fulfill all of these wondrous asseverations. Appearances must be made to at least begin the process, so the ever-present task of wealth redistribution begins at the point of a gun.

This is also why the Socialist-Left obsesses over gun confiscation and the suppression of free speech. It is imperative for the Leftists to disarm the people since they generally object to having their property stolen from them. However, we are getting ahead of ourselves, this is to document how this exploitation of the people has ‘progressed’ in other collectivist enclaves to better understand how this crime against the people is perpetrated.

Why do collectivist regimes always require secret police apparatus and the suppression of Liberty?

This question was detailed in The Bridge at Andau in the chapters on the ‘AVO man’. In which he discusses the secret police organisation of the Hungarian Communists, the AVO (Allamvedelmi Osztaly). He bluntly asked and answered the question:

Why must communism depend on such dregs of society?

No matter on what elevated plane communism begins its program of total dictatorship. it sooner or later runs into such economic and social problems that some strong-arm force is required to keep the civil population under control.

As is the case now as it was then, a nation’s Socialist-Left will promise just about anything to attain power over the people:

When communism is wooing the workers in Csepel, all kinds of exaggerated promises are made if they seem likely to awaken men’s aspirations and their cupidity. These promises are couched in such simple terms and such effective symbols that they become immediate goals of the revolution.

Review briefly what communist agitators had once promised the Hungarians who appear in this book: consumer goods such as they had never known before, increased wages. increased social benefits, shorter hours of work, improved education for everyone, a greater social freedom, and a government directly responsible to the working classes. Under communism such promises were never even remotely capable of attainment.

[Our Emphasis]
If all of that sounds eerily familiar, it’s because that’s part of a very old song and dance that has deceived many a generation into enslaving themselves under socialism. Consider this recent story from the Associated Press:

Democrats lurch left on top policies as 2020 primary begins

NEW YORK (AP) — Democratic presidential contender Julian Castro launched his campaign by pledging support for “Medicare for All,” free universal preschool, a large public investment in renewable energy and two years of free college for all Americans.

New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, who is expected to launch his presidential campaign soon, has sponsored legislation to create a federal jobs guarantee program in several communities across America.

The pilot program… could ultimately transform the U.S. labor market by providing well-paid government employment with benefits for anyone who wants it.

[Our Emphasis]

As Margaret Thatcher so aptly surmised, eventually they will run out of other people’s money. In our case in the states, that is already the situation given the enormous debt and unfunded liabilities reaching into the stratosphere of trillions of dollars. Of course, this hasn’t deterred committed collectivists such as Democratic mayor Bill de Blasio who recently stated that ‘There’s plenty of money in the world… It’s just in the wrong hands!’ Never mind that it is morally wrong to steal the property of others or that once a society turns down the dead-end of socialism there will always be more people wanting more money from those who have it.

Wealth redistribution scams will always wreck the economy. A socialist regime that nationalizes the economy can never function better than one of economic Liberty. Soon enough everything breaks down, the people see through the lies and the government has to start breaking heads. Thus it is imperative that they have previously confiscated the people’s guns and made it illegal to defend themselves.

The Takeaway

Socialistic schemes always run contrary to basic human nature. Rewarding someone for not working will always result in less work. Conversely, punishing someone for working will also result in less work.

This basic logic of human nature seems to be lost on Leftists. But perhaps it is not. They have to know their schemes have never and will never work. And yet they still try to impose them on everyone else. Perhaps they know of the epic fraud they are continually perpetrating on society, but they don’t care. That will be the subject of our next installment.

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