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Arpaio and Gorka and North Korea, oh my



When you want news to make a brief appearance before fading away, you dump it on a Friday. When that Friday happens to include a major natural disaster hitting the United States, the political damage can be mitigated even easier.

That was the case for Friday evening and into Saturday morning as three pieces of major news, each worthy of full discussion, were launched by the White House. Meanwhile, North Korea failed their launch, so I guess that evens it all out.

In case you missed it:

Sebastian Gorka is resigning his post as Deputy Assistant to President Trump. Gorka was considered to be under the protection of Steve Bannon. With Bannon out, it came as no surprise that Gorka wouldn’t stick around without cover. What’s noteworthy is the scorn expressed in his resignation letter.

Shortly after, the President Tweeted that he had granted a full pardon to former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Strangely, the White House release calls him a “worthy candidate” for a presidential pardon.

The last portion of the White House’s Friday dump was news that President Trump signed a presidential memo instructing the Defense Department to stop accepting transgender people who want to enlist in the military. This was timed to draw the smallest amount of ire from left-wing journalists who would rather spend their time on the previous two reports. Of the three, this is the one the White House would want discussed the least since it’s the one that will stick during reelection season.

As for North Korea, they apparently launched ballistic missiles but the missiles failed. Lucky for Kim Jong-un that the failure will receive the least possible coverage from U.S. media given the abundance of other stories.

A weekend with a major hurricane hitting Texas will benefit President Trump and Chairman Kim, at least politically. It’s burying news they don’t want others to hear.