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Tom Price is wrong



Tom Price, Secretary of Health and Human Services, pressed on the healthcare by saying “The fact that Congress didn’t act earlier this month doesn’t mean that the problem goes away.” (see here) Price is rallying Congress to pass healthcare reform insisting that it is an urgent matter. He’s not wrong in this. 40% of counties will only have one insurer. The lack of competition will surely continue to make healthcare less affordable. With premiums going up something needs to be done. Alas, republicans in Congress tried and failed. Seven years of promises abandoned by some on the Senate floor. But even with unanimous support, sixty votes in the senate is required for meaningful change. The loyal senators are doing the right thing by moving on. Yes, healthcare is urgent, but any beneficial reform is impossible with all of the big government politicians in DC.

So Republicans will have to resort to Obama’s advice: go and win elections. I understand how Price may view this as cowardly or childish. Essentially, conservatives need to take their ball and go home. If Obamacare won’t be repealed, it can implode. But rather than pouting childishly, conservatives need to campaign. The traitor republicans need to be voted out and more seats need to be won from the democrats. Both can be done. And only then can conservatives show up with enough votes. Politicians won’t repeal Obamacare unless we put politicians in who will. Politicians aren’t interested in repealing Obamacare so it is up to the people to win a fourth election and wait two more years to get what they want.

This is painful and people will suffer. It’s bad but the loyal senators simply don’t have the votes. But before you despair, liberals haven’t learned from the mistakes that got Trump elected. Identity politics alienate people. The Russia narrative annoys people. Democrats are becoming increasingly intolerant of pro-life democrats. Their media has no credibility. And carpetbagging and pouring money on elections isn’t working. I could go on, but the point is clear. Winning another election might seem hard, and it is, but the democrats are making it all that much easier.

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