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Democrats in the midterms: Are they qualified to ‘rule the population’? [Part II]



Democrats in the midterms Are they qualified to rule the population Part II

The many varied reasons why you shouldn’t vote for the Democratic collective.

As we detailed in Part I, the national socialist Left prefers to judge people on a collective basis as argued in a New York Times piece. Thus, we applied that ‘logic’ to the Left as a whole, even though some Democrats in tough races have thrown their party under the bus, as reported in The Hill.

We illustrated how this group has an abject lack of integrity. One prime example their morally repugnant habit of using false labels to cast themselves as being champions of Liberty [Liberal] or progress [Progressive] when this is hardly the case in either instance.

We also sampled some of their more egregious lies. Both discussions made the case that they are unsuited to ‘rule the population’. This part will examine their collective temperament with a small sampling of their violent tendencies. Note that we’re haven’t touched the issue of the Left failing to articulate a coherent reason for someone to cast a vote for them. These have been discussed by others, but suffice it to say that aside from some class warfare rhetoric or vote-buying schemes, the Democrats have nothing to offer but blood, sweat and a whole lot of Trump hatred.

Democratic Temperament.

This was one of the Leftist fallback positions in the confirmation circus. With their being all about fairness, they should be evaluated on this basis as well. The past few months have seen the Democrats becoming more unhinged by the day, with only the realisation that it was reflecting negatively on their much vaunted ‘Blue tsunami’ that they’ve toned it down a bit. This ranged from the fascist ‘Anti-fascists’ directing traffic in downtown Portland to Leftists pounding on the doors of the Supreme Court. But it seems as though they can’t hold themselves in check, with new extreme behaviour cropping up in the national socialist Media and the Democratic Party [But we repeat ourselves]. This will just be a sampling of their antics, we don’t really have enough time to document everything they’ve done.

Confronting Republicans where they eat and where they sleep.

Nothing says qualified to ‘rule the population’ as someone who asks:

Tell me again why we shouldn’t confront Republicans where they eat, where they sleep, and where they work until they stop being complicit in the destruction of our democracy.

That was the ‘Justice Editor’ of ‘ThinkProgress’

Moving up the chain of command, there is this sampling of the temperament of the Democrats from Maxine Waters, who called on her supporters :

“If you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them. Tell them they’re not welcome any more, anywhere!”

More recently there were the comments of James Cromwell that: ‘There Will Be Blood in the Streets’ if Trump Isn’t Stopped.

Cromwell told Variety on Sunday night. “If we don’t stop [President Trump] now, then we will have a revolution for real. Then there will be blood in the streets.”

Then we have a missive from everyone’s favourite ‘Democratic’ Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with lovley words such as:

“Six days from now, we can defeat the brutal white supremacist forces of anti-Semitism, anti-immigrant nativism, and racism,”

Just the kind of people one would in control of their healthcare and whether they live or die.

Documenting Deceptive Democrats.

Then there are the myriad videos from Project Veritas revealing the false fronts and lies of the Left. The latest from Democratic Rock star Beto O’Rourke’s campaign with these fine quotes:

  • “It’s f***ing happening.” O’Rourke Campaign Staff Uses Pre-Paid Cards for Honduran Alien Supplies
  • “If you get caught in some sort of violation that’s like a $50,000 fine,” “For me I can just ignore the rules and I’m like f**k it.”
  • Transporting Aliens to “airports… bus stations,” “None of this is like sh*t there is a rulebook for”

Finally the shades of a French revolution style ‘reign of terror’.

Leftist allusions to this subject are already present in the names they have for their publications or podcasts. The Jacobins were a democratic club established in Paris in 1789, as detailed by the Oxford English Dictionary.

The Jacobins were the most radical and ruthless of the political groups formed in the wake of the French Revolution, and in association with Robespierre they instituted the Terror of 1793-4.

Jacobin just happens to be the name of a Leftist publication describing itself as the “leading voice of the American left, offering socialist perspectives on politics, economics, and culture.” But that’s probably a coincidence.

Then there is the far-Left podcast from with the charmingly entitled: The Guillotine that discussed “easily concealable” guns and “assassination”

Then there was the official of Minnesota’s Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party who was suspended for making reference to the Republicans with the comment: “11.7 — bring them to the guillotines.”

Or this with a Communist Group Targets Cruz, O’Rourke With Anti-Semitism, Pig Heads, Calls For Revolution.

The Takeaway.

All of these items in both parts are but a small sampling of how far the Socialist-Left has collectively lost the plot. It would be easy to expand this article with more examples, but the point should be obvious: The nation’s Socialist-Left doesn’t belong anywhere near the levers of power.

Culture and Religion

The truth about Thanksgiving



The truth about Thanksfiving

Thanksgiving for many of us has been presented as a time when diversity worked. When a group of people who came seeking refuge from religious persecution was saved by another group of people. A time when different cultures could come together and share what they had to offer one another, culminating in a feast consisting of corn and turkey that was made to honor that moment.

Sadly, the most recent depiction of this pivotal moment in our history has been turned into an American horror story. A story that depicts white Europeans who came to wipe out all the innocent natives by disease and war. The evil white man brought with them more evil white men who only wanted to destroy and kill, to take land that didn’t belong to them and annihilate anyone who wasn’t white. Because that’s all white people want.

Neither of these versions are remotely true.

The Pilgrims were not fleeing from persecution. Nor did they spread disease or kill an entire village of Native Americans. They simply came to a new world filled with the hope of freedom – freedom to live by the values and principles as defined by the word of God. They came to the new world to give their families that chance rather than being overtaken by a society they felt did not reflect those values. It was so important to them that they risked their lives and the lives of their children to make the voyage. A voyage that landed them far from where they were expecting.

After arriving to the new world it was clear that God had a plan. The circumstances which led up to the first thanksgiving – for both the Europeans and the Native American that helped them – could only be explained by divine providence.

Despite being told this is a time to apologize or to be shameful for our history as a nation, the truth is Thanksgiving should be the most important and revered time for all Americans. A time of remembrance of God’s grace and divine providence for a group of people that risked everything to honor Him, including a Native American by the name of Squanto.

The diversity of God’s grace is what we, Americans, should be celebrating. Not multiculturalism.

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Marco Rubio whips out Bible verse that goes after the Florida recount debacle



Marco Rubio whips out Bible verse that goes after the Florida recount debacle

There are two prevailing opinions pertaining to the Florida election and subsequent recounts. Democrats generally feel like it’s good to “count every ballot” until they win, even if that means “finding” more ballots to add to their candidates’ tallies. Republicans have been fighting against the recounts despite that play coming across ingenuously to voters on both sides.

We should want every valid vote counted. The operative word there is “valid.”

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), a Catholic, Tweeted a Bible verse that seemed apropos to the current debacle in Florida.

One might even say this draws in one of the favorite punching bags for Republicans, former presidential candidate “Crooked” Hillary Clinton. That wasn’t the intent, I’m sure, but it’s always fun to laugh at Hillary.

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3 reasons President Trump should offer Asia Bibi asylum



3 reasons President Trump should offer Asia Bibi asylum

There are certain political moves that can be considered “no-brainers” for anyone in Washington DC. Offering persecuted Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi asylum is one of them.

The drawbacks of doing so are few but potent. It would enrage hardline Muslims in the United States who may go after Bibi and her family, but that’s a risk she’ll face anywhere she goes. It would put US citizens and military personnel at greater risk than they already are when traveling abroad, especially in Muslim majority nations like Pakistan. Lastly, it would spark negative press against the President who would ask whether or not he would do the same for a Muslim in a similar circumstance.

All of those negatives are mitigated by three important positives.

  1. It goes against the bigotry narrative. Don’t get me wrong. Mainstream media and leftists will still try to paint the act of offering asylum to a persecuted Pakistani family as racist because she’s Christian. Thankfully, most Americans are smart enough to see through that false narrative.
  2. Pakistan won’t mind. If anything, their preference would be for America, which is already evil in the eyes of most hardline Islamic Pakistanis, to accept a burden that will only perpetuate a narrative that already exists.
  3. It’s the right thing to do. Any time the President of the United States can do the right thing, he should. Lately, there just haven’t been many opportunities to do so.

Every day that passes brings Asia Bibi and her family closer to the dangers that are closing in on them in Pakistan. They need to be taken in as soon as possible. Italy, Germany, and even Canada have offered to step up. The United States needs to do the same.

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