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The coming Netflix versus Disney versus Amazon war will be terrible for conservatives



The coming Netflix versus Disney versus Amazon war will be terrible for conservatives

Let me play my hand at the start of this article just so you can get in the right frame of mind. Netflix, Disney, and Amazon have two things in common. They are (or will be, in the case of Disney) the predominant players in the world of at-home or on-the-go entertainment. They are also all operated by extreme leftists at the executive level.

Now, onto the coming battle…

We started watching Daredevil. We’re done with season two and are in the middle of The Defenders right now before continuing to season three. So far, so good. The show seems like a real winner. We had previously made it through three episodes of Luke Cage and about 20 minutes of Iron Fist before abandoning those. Since they were both cancelled recently, I’m glad we didn’t continue.

There’s a challenge. Marvel is Disney’s. They will soon be a direct competitor to Netflix in the digital streaming arena. It doesn’t behoove them to give their competitors access to parts of the Marvel franchise, so speculation has started that they will be systematically taking shows like Daredevil and Jessica Jones away from Netflix to relaunch on their own service.

That’s entertainment. That’s life. No big deal.

Here’s the problem. We’ve already seen the leftification of the Star Wars franchise and its war against toxic masculinity. Many fans sat aghast as the feminist, anti-corporate, Antifa-style messaging permeated through their interpretations of Star Wars, most notably in the most recent installment, The Last Jedi.

We’ve also seen Netflix demonstrate adoration for all things leftist. There are some shows that do not have a direct political lean at all, but those that do invariably lean left.

No need to discuss Amazon. You can already see the trend.

With three leftist corporations controlling the streaming entertainment world, what should we expect to see? The answer is obvious. But don’t worry. It gets worse.

The push to the left will become a battle between the three. If one pushes for reproductive rights, another will start work on a documentary calling for abortion-on-demand as the primary method of birth control. Then the third in the group that had thus far been left out of the conversation will do a documentary on the benefits of aborting most babies. Sounds crazy. Just watch.

It goes beyond the wishes of their executives. Hollywood as a whole leans left. So, to get the best actors, directors, and writers producing shows and movies for them, the three streaming giants will try to build up their leftist bonafides.

This tells us two things. First, it tells us to expect leftists trying to outleft other leftists. Second, it makes us wonder where the conservative alternatives to Netflix, Disney, and Amazon are. Seriously, where are they? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was someone out there creating documentaries about topics important to conservatives? A handful of these documentaries exist and believe it or not you can see them on Netflix and Amazon today. You won’t see them advertised much, but hey, they exist.

They’re just hard to find.

Movies like Gosnell are available, but there simply aren’t very many being made. It’s hard to find talent. It’s hard to find funding. This is why we need a conservative streaming service that actually produces shows and movies like Netflix, Disney, and Amazon. Unfortunately, we aren’t expecting to see one anytime soon. Sure, there’s the new FoxNation, CRTV, and other conservative news streaming services, but there’s no major player for the entertainment realm.

Netflix versus Disney versus Amazon won’t help break that trend.

Conservatives seeking entertainment that doesn’t push the leftist agenda do not have a venue. Someday, we might. For now, we’re stuck with sifting through entertainment garbage in search of the occasional gem. When we find it, we need to let others know.

Here’s the one I’ll be watching tonight: Targeted:Exposing the Gun Control Agenda


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