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Honest debate proves economic liberty is vastly superior to socialistic slavery



Honest debate proves economic liberty is vastly superior to socialistic slavery

The Left has to hide it’s clearly inferior ideology of socialism behind Lies and obfuscation simply because it has no other choice.

Let us present the situation to an objective audience. Who would seem to have the better position, those who can debate out in the open with factual arguments. Or those have to hide behind lies, obfuscation and word mutation?

Consider that most people innately known that something is wrong when a person or group has to hide certain aspects of their ideology. They know that those holding back usually have something to hide. While there are those who take on the pretence of being open and honest, they always seem to dance around the truth. Throwing out a red herring here or obfuscation there or when cornered on a precise point of logic unabashedly prevaricate like seasoned professionals.

Compare that to those who can openly articulate the case for their system without pretext or deception. No system is ever perfect, but the side that is honest about the features outweighing any faults is clearly superior.

Open and Honest beats Deceptive and Dishonest any day of the week.

It’s an almost subliminal message being propagated by the Left, that Economic Liberty has somehow been massively discredited and is on it’s way out, with their base ideology being ‘Inevitable’. Of course, this sounded better back in 1848 when it was first articulated, before Socialism accumulated a staggering butcher’s bill of over 100 Million dead. But such are the proclivities of the Left, with Economic Liberty supposedly on the brink of collapse, while the Pro-Liberty Right shakes in fear of the Left’s 500-year-old-ideas.

At present the debate is over the merits of Economic Liberty versus Socialism. Or more correctly speaking between Economic Liberty (or it’s pejorative label from the Left: Capitalism) and an ersatz version of Socialism as decreed by the nation’s Left. This is typical of their usual word mutation game.

In order to even have a toehold in the debate, they have to pretend that the massive welfare state systems of small, culturally homogenous countries supported by natural resources and minimal defense spending needs are somehow ‘socialist’. Or they make spurious claims that if someone, somewhere made the claim that a government program is or was ‘Socialist’ and it’s still chugging along, then by Jove, it proves that socialism ‘works’…. somehow. Meanwhile, they deny that true socialist or communist nations are really socialist or communist.

The debate between Economic Liberty and Socialistic Slavery.

We on the Pro-Liberty Right are open and honest about our ideology of Economic Liberty. It is a system that has lifted mankind out of the mud to soaring heights of progress. While the Left obsesses over non-issues of income inequality Economic Liberty has elevated the poor from misery simply because they are a vast customer base. It has created vast amounts of wealth out of nothing, advancing mankind to untold reaches.

Can the Left make any claims of what their system of collective misery has done for mankind?

Leftists love to keep up the pretence that they are working for the betterment of everyone. Meanwhile the practical reality of their base ideology has the exact opposite result. They have no qualms over exploiting the words of freedom and advancement, falsely labeling themselves as ‘Liberal’ or ‘Progressive’ while depriving people of Liberty and working overtime to retard the advancement of civilisation.

Compare the practical realities of Economic Liberty and Socialism – which is superior?

One of the Left’s favourite dodges is to compare the theoretical promise of their 500-year-old ideas to the practical reality of modern-day Economic Liberty. This is one of the ways they work desperately to stay in the game. It’s akin to comparing a known political candidate to an unnamed opponent. Comparing theoretical ideals to practical reality avoids those pesky issues as to whether their system works or not as well, keeping it’s necessary evil of the application of force and mass murder off the table.

In practical reality, there is no comparison between the success of Economic Liberty and the %100 Failure rate of Socialism, which is why they avoid them like the plague. When was the last time the Left compared the practical reality of true socialist nations to the overwhelming success of Economic Liberty? The Left is completely outclassed in these comparisons, to use the colloquial term, they aren’t even in the same ballpark.

One last thought: Why isn’t Socialistic Slavery on the chopping block?

The current ‘buzz’ in Leftist circles is their contention to put an end to Economic Liberty (or it’s pejorative label from the Left: Capitalism).  Why isn’t the antithesis of this concept being contemplated?

Wouldn’t it make sense to keep the system that works while discarding that which doesn’t? Consider the question put to the audience at the top of this article. Wouldn’t it make more sense to conserve the system that is superior as well as open and honest about it’s faults and features?

It is plain as day that the Left cannot be honest about it’s base ideology. It should also be manifestly obvious that it’s collectivist system of social slavery does not work. So shouldn’t that be the system to be discarded?


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