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Keep it a secret, but remember that we’re supposed to be terrified of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.



Keep it a secret but remember that were supposed to be terrified of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

The ascendancy of comrade Cortez will see a true debate between Economic Liberty and Socialistic Slavery – so we want the Left to keep her around.

In this day and age it’s hard to believe that anyone would still consider collectivism to be a viable governmental system. But once again the nation’s Left is going full socialist with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Never mind that these ideas are over 500 years old.  [First expressed  in the book ‘Utopia’ published in 1516 ] Or that we’re coming up on the Bicentennial of it’s first ‘Official’ failure  [ New Harmony Indiana, 1825 –1827, first use of the word Socialism]

For the delusional Left, it’s a perfectly functional system because it works in places that aren’t actually socialist.  This according the utterances of that paragon of intellectual thought, Joy Behar. Apparently, she thinks it works in the Scandinavian countries of “Sweden. Copenhagen.. Denmark Norway. Iceland.”  These being small and culturally homogenous that can afford to fund massive welfare systems because the US taxpayers foot the bill for their defense. Not to mention natural resources that can help monetize these system without putting the bite on their citizens. Well, the Left never lets the truth get in the way of their big lies, so why should this be any different?

The perfect opportunity to show the inferiority of Socialistic Slavery.

Now that they’ve gone full collectivist we can finally have that conversation over which system is superior. Better yet, which system actually works and which has been a complete failure.  The history of Socialistic Slavery is one of 2 centuries of failure to the tune of over 100 million dead.  That system is inevitably doomed since it defies logic and human nature. It’s a basic psychological fact that punishment will decrease a behaviour while rewards will increase a behaviour. Never mind that Leftist denials that taking someone’s property is a punishment or that it’s somehow collectively owned by society or some other such nonsense, it can never work no matter what you call it.

As Andrew Klavan has stated, the taking of someone’s hard earned property is in actuality taking their time and labour – a part of their life – that is called slavery. That is the fundamental flaw of socialism, that if one’s property is under claim by the government, there is no incentive to produce more and the system falls apart. It does not matter if someone tries to couch it as “Social Justice” or whatever, as Margaret Thatcher once observed, eventually you run out of other people’s money.

This also means that the powers that be will eventually have to crack down on those unwilling to live as slaves. Force will have to be applied to coerce the populace to produce so that it can be stolen and redistributed to buy loyalty. It also means that the people have to be ‘convinced’ that their best form of protection is to not have any.

We all have to play along so the national socialist Left keeps Comrade Cortez as their standard-bearer.

Now that she’s the face of the Left’s socialist national agenda, we need to play along in their little revolutionary terror drama whereby we’re supposed to be afraid of her and her little band of Reds. The comparisons are being made and the debates are being initiated putting the Left’s base ideology in the limelight, illustrating it’s rank inferiority. But just for fun, why not speculate for a moment on what the Left wanted to be our reaction to the sudden emergence of yet another socialist on the national stage.

What the Left wanted to be our reaction Comrade Cortez.

A spectre is haunting the States — the spectre of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a women with ideas that were new 5 Centuries ago. One can almost feel the fear, palpable as though it were a physical entity, striking terror into anyone who values Liberty. A nightmarish apparition haunting our dreams of keeping our guns and right of free-speech. Everyone stunned into silence by the unexpected emergence of the girl from the Bronx, Cheered on by a national socialist media that hitherto has never favoured one side or the other.

No one dare speak that which is unspoken, that these 500-year-old cutting edge ideas of socialism are inconceivable to behold. Their revolutionary import is too monstrous to contemplate. For no one has yet hit on the idea taxing people into the stone age to buy votes, the idea being incredibly inconceivable. We on the Pro-Liberty Right are shaking in our flats at the absolutely horrid idea that we will finally be taxed to pay our fair share.

We all sit huddled in our Billion dollar mansions fearing the day when equality will knock on the door and fairness will make sure the wealth goes to where it belongs – millennials who can no longer afford $13 Lattes or a PhD in the multidimensional mechanics of gender fluidity. No more will we be given that which we’ve earned, keeping the property we own, for it’s the people’s money now.

Our True Reaction* to the Left drop kicking the mask and going full Socialist.

[*Yes, they love that word for some reason, as though coming across ideas that have been repeated a thousand times over the several centuries is akin to Dracula seeing a cross for the first time.]
At first it was jubilation that the nation’s Left has at last admitted to which has been obvious for several decades – that they are dyed in the wool socialists.

With their coming out of the authoritarian closet we can finally compare their inferior Marxist theories mired in failure with something that actually works: Economic Liberty. The discussion beginning with how they are going to pay for all the free-stuff that is going to be handed out.

Not that they didn’t begin tiptoeing out of Stalin’s work-center a few months ago with their massive demands for gun confiscation during the Marx .. Oops.. ‘March for our lives’ demonstrations. But very much like the Mao Tse-tung’s Phase III Guerrilla warfare tactic of coming out to fight in the open, the Left has finally committed itself to pushing it’s woefully substandard ideas. In the past they’ve played the game of yes, we’re socialist.. no we’re not to keep from having to defend the blood soaked past of their horrid ideology of mass murder and oppression. But now with the elevation of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that’s all on the table. Its only now that some on the Left are realising their colossal mistake, with many recoiling at a system of governmental slavery of epic proportions.

However, something happened on the way to the donning of Che Cortez T-shirts. It became readily apparent that Comrade Cortez wasn’t ready for prime-time. She began – and continues to do so making absurd statements on the subjects of her graduate degree – economics and international relations.

Her latest being a cringe inducing video of her trying to explain how she’s going to pay for all of her largess, taking into consideration that we’re at least $21 trillion in the hole. So now the worry is that the debate that will finally bury socialism in the vault of economic logic won’t take place. This is why we need to act as though we are terrified of this woman and her 500-year-old ideas. Remember, we’re supposed to be afraid of her while we are really urging her on. The debate over the insane ideas of Socialistic-Slavery are beginning, with a disastrous fallout for the Left to be the result. This is exactly what we want, but don’t tell anyone.



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Louis Farrakhan refers to Ilhan Omar as ‘sweetheart,’ prompting zero outrage



Louis Farrakhan refers to Ilhan Omar as sweetheart prompting zero outrage

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan referred to Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) as “Sweetheart” as he addressed her during a speaking engagement on Sunday. He apparently caught his faux pas and immediately justified the remark, but at that point the moniker which many consider to be sexist or misogynistic had already been noted.

Nevertheless, it didn’t cause the stir one might expect. As a far-left progressive, Omar is known for being a feminist icon on Capitol Hill even though she hasn’t been in office for a full two months yet. As our EIC noted, the lack of a rebuke was because of the source, not because she now feels it’s okay to refer to her as “sweetheart.”

The statement came as Farrakhan was telling Omar she shouldn’t be sorry for the statements she made last week about Israel, AIPAC, and Jewish influence in Washington DC, particularly over Republicans.

In a world where consistency was still considered a virtue, followers of Omar would be wondering why she’s not expressing outrage over the belittling reference from a powerful man. But the world isn’t consistent and Farrakhan always gets a pass.


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Man fined £1,000 for outdated sense of humor



Man fined £1000 for outdated sense of humor

Jonathon Van Maren, a contributor for LifeSiteNews, recently stumbled across an article in the UK’s Edinburgh News about a construction worker who was arrested for “pointing and laughing” at a biological male who was dressed as a female (transgender woman).

[Author’s Note: It is impolite and unkind to point and laugh at others. This article is not an endorsement of such behavior.]

As Van Maren explained, a construction worker named Graham Spiers was walking with a group of friends. The group pointed and laughed while passing a transgender individual who, suspecting that his appearance had become the subject of ridicule, telephoned the police.

Spiers was arrested five day later.

Sherriff Robert Fife scolded Mr. Spiers’s sense of humor and actions:

Transgender insanity: Police now jailing people for laughing at men in women’s clothes Robert Fife also piled on, informing Spiers that, “Your offensive comments were not funny at the time and are not funny now. Your children should grow up understanding gender differences and would be ashamed at your behavior that comes from a different era has no place in today’s society.” Fife then told Spiers that in addition to the cash he had to pay to the biological man for laughing at him, he also had to pay an additional fine of another five hundred pounds.

Graham Spiers was ordered to pay a total of £1,000 for his actions “from a different era,” 500 of which was paid to the complainant.

Of the actions by police and the court in this instance, Van Maren opined:

It is disgusting enough that law enforcement would arrest and charge someone for this triviality. That alone indicates that freedom in Scotland is truly dead. But the fact that law enforcement then lectured Spiers on being a throwback from a different age (that different era being about a decade ago, for the record) and telling him his children should be ashamed of him? And that Spiers was expected to cower and listen to this tongue-lashing from his betters so he could get re-educated and realize that men could now become women and that laughing at their attempts was forbidden by law? That should absolutely repulse any liberty-loving person and terrify everyone who values freedom.

My Take

Pointing and laughing at others is unquestionably unkind. I am repulsed at the thought of such outward meanness. However, that this behavior so would be considered illegal and result in one’s arrest is punitive at best, and is undoubtedly a waste a valuable time and resources. Furthermore, the punishment in this case is brazenly excessive.

This is yet another instance of big government run amok. The Founders knew the dangers of big government. It would be prudent of us to heed the Founders’ advice, lest we find ourselves in the position of Mr. Spiers: subjugated beneath the arbitrary boot of “benevolent” governmental authority.


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The anti-MAGA hoax epidemic



The anti-MAGA hoax epidemic

There’s a trend that’s been quietly, consistently rearing its ugly head against the President of the United States and his supporters since before the 2016 election. We’ve seen it among unhinged journalists, virtue-signaling celebrities, and Democratic politicians. We’ve seen it manifest in the ugliest form of hatred – the common hate-hoax – and it’s doing more to divide America than the source of the perpetrators’ anger.

They hate President Trump. They hate the people who got him elected. The hate the idea of making America great again because as much of the MAGA agenda comes to pass, they’re learning they’ve been wrong the whole time. I know first hand. I’ve been proven wrong myself.

No, I’m not a hate-hoaxer, but I’ve been against the President to varying degrees for over three years now. Before he officially won the GOP nomination in 2016, I opposed him because I felt he would do too much damage while delivering only a moderate amount of good policies. He wasn’t as bad as John Kasich or Jeb Bush, but we had Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Rand Paul as better candidates. Nevertheless, he won the nomination, prompting me to spend the final leg of the 2016 election without a horse in the race. I didn’t like the idea of Trump being President, but under no circumstances did I want Hillary Clinton to be President, either.

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After he won, I became a cautious but hopeful watcher. While we worked on alternatives to bring limited-government federalism to the forefront of local, state, and national politics, I took a case-by-case stance on the President himself. When he did well, I praised him. When he did poorly, I criticized him. This stance has remained until this day, though there have been times when I was more supportive or more critical, depending on the policy discussion of the day. Tax and bureaucratic cuts – good. Tariffs and bump stock bans – bad. The recent cave on the border omnibus – very bad. Most foreign policy moves (leaving Iran deal, leaving Paris accords, moving embassy to Jerusalem) – very good.

Unfortunately, it seems many on the left have been unwilling to recognize even the remotest possibility anything the President is doing is good. What’s worse is that some have been so aggressive in their desire to prove their point that they’ve pretended to be victims for the sake of getting their “victims’ perks” of love and affection from their peers while painting anyone wearing a MAGA hat as bigoted and hateful.

Thus, the anti-MAGA hate hoax was born and it’s been so prominent over the last two-and-a-half years, one must wonder how mainstream media and Democrats became so gullible that they fall for it every single time.

Andy Ngo at Quillette put together a comprehensive list of hate hoaxes that leftists have perpetrated to paint the President and his supporters as racists. It’s absolutely stunning when you see the magnitude of the hatred – THEIR hatred – that makes them willing to tell bald-faced lies just to prove the movement they oppose is as bad as they think it is.

I’ve had ideological disagreements with nearly every presidential candidate (let alone every President) since I became an adult. There’s nothing wrong with disagreement as long as one is willing to not be blinded in one direction or the other. There are plenty who blindly follow President Trump to approximately the same degree that supporters blindly followed President Obama. The herd mentality seems to have become the way of the political world in America for our last two presidents. But that blind devotion is simply an annoyance. The blind hatred that drives people to commit these hoaxes is far more dangerous.

It’s likely when the details are fully revealed regarding Jussie Smollett’s hate-hoax, it was driven more by a narcissistic desire to advance his career rather than pure hatred for the MAGA crowd or the President, but obviously the latter hatred played a role in his decision-making process. This type of action is never acceptable. We have enough outrage in America. There’s no need to manufacture even more for false reasons.

It’s time for the unhinged left to stop assuming every MAGA supporter is racist and start asking how the actions of those on their side of the political aisle drove massive amounts of people to support President Trump. Perhaps then, they’ll realize the hatred is coming mostly from them.


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