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Liberals trying to spin NFL attendance drop



Liberals trying to spin NFL attendance drop

The Baltimore Ravens sent a letter to the fans and community penned by team President, Dick Cass. The letter acknowledges the role that the anthem protesting in London played on team attendance this season. To many, this is a rather obvious admission, but the powers of liberal Twitter and the media seek to find other factors to blame. But before we dig through the Twitter’s chosen tweets via Moments, lets read the part of the letter most applicable:

Read: Full letter Ravens prez sent fans addressing no-shows at home games had the poor showing in London, complicated by the kneeling of a dozen players during the National Anthem. That became an emotional and divisive issue. We know that hurt some of you. Others saw it differently and welcomed the dialogue that followed. Others bluntly told us to keep statements and protests out of the game. There are some of you who have stayed away from our games.

We have had significant numbers of no-shows in the past when our play on the field has not met the high standard we and you have set for the Ravens. But this year has been different. The numbers are higher, and it is noticeable. There are a number of reasons for the no-shows, but surely the one-time protest in London has been a factor.

We have responded to your concerns about the protest by re-doubling the efforts of both the organization and our players to make the Baltimore area a better community. We have also reached out to a number of you who wrote or called about the protest. I personally made a number of phone calls and met with some of you. Some of my Ravens colleagues have also made a number of calls. While we have not been able to reach all of you, we have learned a lot from these interactions.

Excuse 1: They protested in London not at home

Ravens President Blames Empty Seats On Anthem Protests, this happened in London. Ravens players have never protested during the anthem at a home game. The closest they came was kneeling together in prayer before standing up for the anthem.

The Ravens’ 2017 attendance puts them right in the middle of the pack, and they should end up just about where they did in 2016 once the season is over. There’s nothing to do but roll your eyes at Cass and this letter, but do prepare yourself to start hearing more half-baked excuses in the future if the NFL’s popularity continues to stagnate. This is probably the last year anyone will have the anthem protests to blame, so next season it will probably be… dancing? Yeah, let’s go with dancing.

This is the dumbest of reasons.

Excuse 2: Bad performance

This response got a number of people citing this inconvenient fact.

Make no mistake, the Ravens offense is terrible and they have had an incredibly easy schedule. However, this was true for their two previous playoffless seasons. They have no quarterback (Joe Flacco is not elite), no receivers and have only just now seemingly found a running back to solve that gaping problem. But bad offense isn’t the cause of attendance being down, especially with playoffs on the line. Usually at this point in the season, the Ravens want to sell playoff tickets and prices are rallying.

Excuse 3: Tickets are too expensive

This would be true if it weren’t blatantly false at the moment. Ticket prices are in the trash compared to what they should be for a playoff bound team. A simple search on Ticket Exchange reveals $60+ seats going for $39+ fees. The market has driven prices down on a once prized experience.

Of course Twitter leaves out responses that don’t echo their views… But if Tickets are this cheap with playoff picture, people should be flocking to M&T Banks Stadium. It’s supply and demand. Accept the people who have tickets aren’t going.

This person thinks only people who live in Baltimore attend games. Never mind outside of Baltimore are the counties, Howard, Anne Arundle, Carroll, Hartford, Baltimore County (yes, I live in the area). All of these counties and these counties have higher incomes and likely majority of the attendees.

Enough Excuses

These excuses ignore the letter written by the team President in favor of their own narrative. The letter explicitly explains that the Ravens reached out to the disgruntled fans, and were told by them that the protesting was an issue. I know these fans. I was one. Ticket prices are so bad they’d rather eat them in protest or donate them to charity for the tax write-off on the face value of the ticket.

Twitter and media outlets would much rather spin the narrative to make it look like a playoff-bound team is scapegoating. The Ravens up until London had nothing to fear about team attendance. Their schedule was easy enough to land them in this position before a long stretch of backup quarterbacks. Twitter and other outlets are simply suppressing the truth because they don’t want to admit their ideology broke the NFL.

Final Thoughts

Not listening to the fans is how the NFL got into the mess it’s in, and unfortunately the Ravens probably aren’t doing enough to get themselves out. Teams need to acknowledge that anthem protesting hurt the NFL. They also need to apologize for it, which the Ravens didn’t do, at least in their letter. They also need to take corrective actions. Spending money on cultural Marxism disguised as “social justice” with the money for other causes is not a corrective action. The NFL will likely suffer more before they realize this partially due to the media spin.

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  1. Steve J

    December 24, 2017 at 8:01 pm

    Your rich spoiled racists SOB children took a knee for OUR national anthem and ensign in a foreign country and then these same rich spoiled SOBS stood for the that country’s anthem and flag. Never mind it was the country that we fought our revolution against even though they are our allies now.
    Your rich spoiled racist SOB children spit into the faces of ALL Americans living and dead.
    So … WE will NEVER again spend another single cent or spend another second supporting such rich spoiled racist SOB slime.
    “…AND the horse you rode in on.”

  2. Alpha

    December 25, 2017 at 10:46 am

    The left tries to pretend that the dropoff in NFL interest is things like people cutting their cable etc – but it is mainly the boycott. The proof of the pudding is that cutting your cable does not cause empty seats at stadiums. The left has infiltrated the NFL and has turned it into a propaganda tool. The idiots in the NFL tolerated it and tried to appease them. The result is that football is being destroyed as the national sport. I have followed my team for more than 50 years through thick and thin, know every player’s capacities in detail, travelled to games, bought and proudly wore paraphenalia – but this year I have completely boycotted them to the point of not even looking at websites for football because while I loved my team, friends of mine have died fighting for America, our flag, our anthem, our values and I care far more about them than I do about any sports team.

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Netflix spins “Reversing Roe” documentary to paint pro-lifers as ignorant, evil, or both



Netflix spins Reversing Roe documentary to paint pro-lifers as ignorant evil or both

It shouldn’t surprise anyone anymore that the vast majority of mass media outlets, from news channels to Hollywood studios to political websites, are propaganda tools for the leftist agenda. One important component of their agenda is abortion. One of the biggest outlets of all, Netflix, was tapped to deliver the unabashedly biased documentary, “Reversing Roe.”

Here’s the trailer:

Even in the two and a half minute trailer, the intention of this documentary is clear. They want pro-abortion activists to seem like reasonable science-driven biological proponents of truth while making pro-lifers seem like backwards religious fanatics who are puppets of the patriarchy. The actual documentary itself, which I do not recommend watching, is even worse.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not against the filmmakers for shooting this documentary or even Netflix for distributing it. What unnerves me is the blatant attempt to draw in pro-lifers and make them feel stupid for their position. There are scientific, non-religious reasons to be pro-life. More and more people are coming around every day to the realization that a conceived human being is indeed an actual human being. This isn’t based on a religious conviction or conservative manipulation. People are simply looking at the scientific evidence and coming to the right conclusion. Abortion is murder.

Conspicuously excluded from the documentary are valid arguments or articulate pro-life activists. Instead, the pro-life arguments are ridiculed and the people they chose to represent the pro-life argument aren’t exactly major league heavy hitters.

Shame on filmmakers Ricki Stern and Anne Sundberg for excluding the science behind the pro-life movement and shame on Netflix for deviously promoting this film in an effort to push their abortionist agenda.

As Live Action noted, the timing of the release of this documentary around the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings was intentional.

Netflix documentary “Reversing Roe” shows network’s pro-abortion bias week, Netflix released a documentary that aims to explain how abortion became a politicized issue. The 90-minute film “Reversing Roe” has been aptly described as “beyond-timely,” as the release coincides with the confirmation hearings of Judge Brett Kavanaugh and the final weeks before the midterm elections.

Netflix filmmakers Ricki Stern and Anne Sundberg present a narrative that legalized abortion is the logical choice, and any pro-life position likely has ulterior motives. As the Los Angeles Times notes, there’s no question about the pro-abortion bias of the filmmakers; the LA Times states,

“The inclusion of interviews with anti-abortion voices (some who appear scarily robotic) interspersed with reasoned, wary Planned Parenthood leaders seems more to make the history complete than present a both-sides sheen.”

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Twitter goes crazy over Maroon 5 selection for Atlanta Super Bowl



Twitter goes crazy over Maroon 5 selection for Atlanta Super Bowl

Maroon 5 will be performing during the Atlanta Super Bowl. A city with a history of incredible R&B talent, strong rappers, and tons of soul may have expected someone more indicative of the area, but the popular pop band got the nod.

Twitter wasn’t happy about it.

To be fair, few bands can claim as many hits. Even fewer have been able to keep the chart-topping going for such an extended period of time. They’re a band that crosses a couple of generations, making them a decent, albeit generic choice to perform on the most televised musical stage of the year.

Let the haters keep hating.

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Why I’m not upset by Bert and Ernie sort of coming out



Why Im not upset by Bert and Ernie sort of coming out

It’s been speculated for a long time. Even when I was a kid, it was a topic of discussion sometimes at the lunch table. “Hey, do you think Bert and Ernie are gay?” I remember going home and asking my mother what that even meant.

Now, a Sesame Street writer claims that the two puppets are a “loving couple” that he based upon his own relationship with a Sesame Street editor.

‘Sesame Street’ Writer: Bert & Ernie were Written as a Gay ‘Loving Couple’ official Sesame Street Twitter account tweeted a statement Tuesday, saying while Bert and Ernie “are identified as male characters and possess many human traits and characteristics (as most Sesame Street Muppets do), they remain puppets, and do not have a sexual orientation.”

According to Pink News, the Sesame Street pair is widely viewed within the LGBT movement as “gay icons.”

Those of us who are against the indoctrination of our children into the LGBTQ worldview should probably be upset. Many are. I’m not.

Why it doesn’t matter

Bert and Ernie skits never included anything that seemed to even hint at a relationship other than being close roommates. Their purpose was to highlight that people who were very different could get along and coexist. That still seems to be their intent today.

But that’s not even the main reason it doesn’t matter. I have no intention of ever having my kids watch Sesame Street and I encourage other parents to do the same. In fact, don’t let your kids watch anything on PBS. Take it even a step further and avoid PBS yourself. If you like classical music, use YouTube. Stay away from the state-funded leftist propaganda network.

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