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Allegations cost Roy Moore and the GOP a Senate seat as Doug Jones wins Alabama



Allegations cost Roy Moore and the GOP a Senate seat as Doug Jones wins Alabama

Democrat Doug Jones beat out Republican Roy Moore for one of Alabama’s Senate seats in the most controversial election of 2017. Jones, considered a sacrificial lamb before allegations of sexual misconduct were levied on Moore, is the first Democrat to win a Senate seat in Alabama since Richard Shelby did so in 1987. Six years after winning, Shelby switched to the Republican Party and has been with the GOP ever since.

It was a nail-biter. With 90% of the vote counted, over 1.1 million total, less than 500 votes separated the two. Jones pulled away in the end.

This is a stunning blow for the Republicans who never expected to lose the seat once held by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, but in many ways they dodged a bullet. A Moore victory would have been a challenge for them in light of the recent explosion of sexual misconduct allegations made against politicians and other men in power.

Reactions from the press and on social media are coming in fast. We’ll be updating this article for a while to capture as many real-time reactions as possible.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. ed

    December 13, 2017 at 10:51 am

    I’d be interested in an analysis of the voter turn-out in AL – broken down by party.

    I suspect may Republicans and independents simply stayed home.

    Realizing the Democrat was no conservative and does not represent Alabama traditional values, why might people have stayed home instead of voting for Roy Moore ?

    True Christians and conservatives (absent the issues below) would likely have voted for Moore (giving him the benefit of the doubt) based on the timing, general lack of proof and lack of credibility of the accuser’s lawyers (Gloria Allred and Theresa Bloom – two known DNC election-sex-scandal operatives). Also 40 scandal-free yrs in public life with a clear bias toward Biblical values and beliefs on the bench and a recent history of fighting to preserve STATE laws against homosexual marriage after the USSC struck down the national law(s), should have reflected well on him.

    However, there is always the aftermath and post-election “analysis” (spin) to deal with also. A vote for Roy Moore at the end would have been spun as approval of Mitch McConnell’s last-minute support and proof of Trump’s “pull” with the voters after Trump spent most of the campaign bashing Roy Moore and McConnell did everything he could to pull all GOP support within the state and turn the national party apparatus against Moore based on un-proven allegations and Mcconnell’s personal biases & beliefs. McConnell threatened not to seat Moore had he won and has an open threat to immediately launch an ethics investigation against him had he won. Yet near the end of the election when it appears Moore may win anyway, McConnell suddenly changes direction and goes into full-throated support mode. Why ? Was there an “accomodation” or “deal” made between Moore and McConnell or is McConnell simply trying to be seen as on the “winning” side ? I can understand people deciding that continued support for the RNC is a worse decision than choosing what may be a marginally (since the allegations are unproven) better Republican over a totally repugnant Democrat if it means also supporting McConnell’s grandstanding and continued power-base within the GOP).

    Trump initially backed Strange, then refused to endorse Moore, actively working against him. Once the accusations appeared to be ineffective, Trump suddenly decides to support and endorse Moore – likely so Trump can claim Moore’s “victory” would be because of his doing. Voting for Moore would be playing into Trump’s ego and contributing to the myth of Trump’s popularity. I can understand many people simply not voting in a choice between two questionable candidates (particularly when doing so forces them to “pick a side” and “support” Trump and Trump’s complete lack of morality and decency – especially since Trump can be counted on to try to take full credit for Moore’s “win” that McConnell would immediately be sabotaging with ethics investigations and expulsion votes in the Senate).

    Voting for Roy Moore in an attempt to seat a conservative in the Senate also means playing into the Bannon narrative that a vote for Roy Moore is a vote against Mitch McConnell & Trump given the rhetoric of the media and (I suspect) campaign commercials. Then to have Trump send out robo-calls “supporting” Moore & to see McConnell’s last-minute support of Moore can easily lead one to question whether voting for Moore is a vote in support of Bannon’s “America-First”,alt-right campaign or in support of the “new” Republican Party and it’s primary representative and role-model Donald Trump or in support of the anti-conservative status quo represetned by Mitch Mcconnell. If none of the above 3 options are attractive and the Democrat is a non-starter based on DNC policies, there’s likely a VERY strong argument to simply stay home and not vote if one is registered Republican. How one can justify voting for Bannon’s anti-Trump, anti-McConnell campaign when both Trump and McConnell have endorsed Moore is a hard question to answer. Likewise, voting for Moore in support of Trump given the months of Bannon’s anti-Trump/anti-McConnel campaigning or voting on “Republican issues” when bot the pro-Trump (Trump endorsement), anti-Trump (Bannon endorsement) and pro-establishment (McConnell endorsement) and anti-establishment (McConnell refusal to support Moore’s campaign and attempts to prevent any GOP resource from supporting him) all would claim that your vote supports “their” side.

    Voting FOR Doug Jones is not likely on the radar of most conservatives and Christians in Alabama, but voting for Roy Moore in a choice between two evils when all opposing Republican factions are waiting to claim victory for his win and will point fingers at a loss seems to also be a non-staring position, leaving only not voting as the only honorable action for those Alabama voters that care about character in our politicians or leadership of our country.

    That’s why I’d be interested in a turn-out analysis.

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