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Yes Mark, Virginia was a blowout but let the GOP go if they don’t want to go right



Yes Mark Virginia was a blowout but let the GOP go if they dont want to go right

I agree with Mark Levin that it’s basic conservative principles that will save the Republican party.  Those basics of economic (like cutting taxes), social (honor certain morals like the traditional family), and national security (including honoring local police and supporting the military) conservatism stand true.  But these elephants are just as stubborn as the horses.  The saying goes, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.”  You also want to take a few hints from this Pink Panther short as well.  In that short Pink Panther wants to use a horse to get him back to the city.  But the horse doesn’t want to be Pink’s ride and be worked for nothing.  In the end, the horse wins.

The only thing you can really do is punish the Republican Party and deny them any access to power.  With the recent Roy Moore scandal made up or not, Mitch McConnell and ‘the team’ are not giving Justice Moore a chance to defend himself.  They just want him to step down and let Luther Strange take his place.  This has been a tactic used by leftists to prevent anyone who is truly a threat to their agenda to win or be confirmed to key positions in government.  Ask Justice Clarence Thomas, for the progressives used Anita Hill in hopes that Thomas could be borked and that a more liberal if not a progressive judge takes his place.  We got Justice Anthony Kennedy out of the Borking process and now we have same-sex marriage because of it.

If the write-in blank can be used to save Lisa Murkowski’s Senate career (which it did), then it also must be used as an alternative to a candidate that we as conservatives, constitutionalists, and federalists to protest a bad Republican candidate.  Heck, there is talk to push the write-in to save Luther Strange as well.  Now if Justice Moore is indeed guilty of these transgressions then yes, he should step down, no question.  However, the proof of Bill Clinton’s sexual affairs is more damning and believable, but because he was a Democrat (and had a certain amount of charm), he got away with them.

Yes Levin, Virginia is a Blue State.  But if the Republican Party does not want to “embrace conservatism,” they are going to be like that horse that refused the Pink Panther a ride.  It is also like that stupid song from Meghan Trainor.  They are going to keep saying “no” and we will have to give up and let them go.  Otherwise, we will get burned out, or we shall just conform to the team and embrace their crony capitalist, progressive lite agenda (and call it conservative) which will only tick off the blue-collar common people and prevent them for uniting with the suburbs unless they are Democratic too.  We as Republicans might be liked by the progressives for taking similar stands but they will not love us or support us.  For them, it is the Democratic Party or bust (John McCain & Barack Obama in 2008.  Guess who the left favored?).  The Democrat Party must be the party in charge of everything according to their faithful supporters and leaders.

This is the overall consequence of obeying Duverger’s law, which seems to be OK to break if only to help a GOP establishment candidate win.  We must break it for the good of America.  If we can’t, America is finished.  That would be a dream come true for the leftist radicals.

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Levin: Don’t pretend the Virginia election wasn’t a ‘blowout’ — it’s about principles, it’s about conservatism on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin continued to stress how the election results in Virginia — where Democrats’ “tsunami” election all but neutralized the Republicans’ massive 32-seat majority in the lower House of Delegates — were just the latest reminder that principle is and most always will be the deciding factor for constituents.

“That’s a blowout,” Levin said. “It does us no good to pretend otherwise. It does us no good to watch the Republican Party continue to move Left. It does us no good, if we’re going to defeat the Left, to pretend that it’s the same as it was in the past.”

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