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Glenn Beck: The Democrats are in serious trouble



It isn’t just the Donna Brazile revelations she published in her book. The Democratic Party is faced with fundraising issues, extortion, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to buy votes. Instead of promising jobs, they’re playing the “free stuff” card.

In this video, Glenn Beck looks back at history from FDR to Ronald Reagan to the Obama era when everything seemed to change.

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Chalkboard Lesson: Here’s Why the Democratic Party Is ‘in Serious Trouble’ on the show, Glenn made good use of the chalkboard to explain what’s going on with the Democratic National Committee, the one-time working-man’s party that has now fallen out of favor with middle-class Americans.

In addition to serious financial problems (a.k.a. bankruptcy thanks to the Obama administration,) there is a civil war brewing within the Democratic party.

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