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Mike Rowe: ‘Something to stand for’



It’s always about the individual.

Simply put, kneeling during the national anthem is the wrong way to send a flawed message. By kneeling you are saying, “I refuse to stand for a country where blacks are oppressed and discriminated against on a systemic level.” They are trying to raise awareness in order to put a stop to the institutions and groups of people who are doing the oppressing.

The problem with the Message

There will always be racists out there who harass, oppress, and discriminate against people of color… but each person who does so is an individual. No one can ever represent another individual without his consent. Whatever institution, organization, or race the oppressor is associated with does not implicate that entire group.

So when a white cop beats a black man, it doesn’t make the entire police force racist. Nor does it mean all white people are racist. And if that cop is a member of the Green Party, it doesn’t make all Green Party members racist. No. That individual is responsible for his own actions. He is the racist. Don’t lump groups of people together when bad things happen. When you do, you are making the same mistake as the racist himself.

The problem with the Venue

When we stand for the playing of our national anthem, we aren’t standing for the bad things that have happened in America. No one who stands with hand over heart has the intention of paying tribute to slavery, for example. No, we stand to honor the great things America has done.

If you haven’t seen Mike Rowe’s video on the amazing story behind the Star Spangled Banner, you should do so right now, it is a must watch. If you find the actions of even one of the five men in this story to be worthy, you should stand for our national anthem.

Our country isn’t without mistakes, but standing for the sacrifices of honorable Americans doesn’t mean you are endorsing those mistakes. Stand to honor the men and women who gave their lives trying to make our country better. When you kneel you divide. Stand together, and together we can tackle hate.

A full time engineer by trade, Dan is a conservative, Christian, father, and veteran. He considers himself a rebel against the dominant liberal culture.

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1 Comment

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