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Big changes at The New Americana… including a new managing editor



When we started down the road of building a conservative news aggregator to compete with sites like Drudge Report, we knew we needed firepower. After all, Drudge has billions of pageviews and dozens of years on us, so any form of “competition” would require more than just cloning and hoping for the best.

We decided early on that there were certain things we could do to be better. First, we wanted original content. People appreciated educated and fresh perspectives, so getting writers together to discuss the news and report it appropriately through a lens of conservative reality made sense.

The other thing we needed more than anything was the best work ethic in the industry. That meant staying on top of the news, bringing it to light faster, and having a willingness to look deeper into things than most journalists would. Early on, this was easy. Over time, things happened that prevented me from being able to fulfill the commitment. Personal challenges popped up (new baby with a major heart defect due later this month!), but the most time-consuming factor was development of the Federalist Party. Things have accelerated much more quickly with the party than I ever expected.

We called on you, the readers and supporters of this site, to help us hire writers and editors who could fill the gap. Today, I’m pleased to announce that your contributions have yielded their first fruits: we hired Steve Berman as our new Managing Editor. You may have read his stories on places like The Resurgent and The Stream among others. Now, he’s bringing his talents to TNA as well.

The battle isn’t over. I still need to be able to get him assistance and to sustain his commitment to TNA long-term, so the call for help is still extremely valid. If anything, it’s now more important than ever to get support. We must be able to build a strong and robust aggregator and news site. To do this, we need the aforementioned firepower. Steve’s the first new missile we’re adding to the ship.

As always, we need writers as well. We’re not in a position to pay them yet, but the goal is to grow the site to the point that we can reimburse people for their efforts. In the meantime, we’re still looking for volunteers who want a place where their voice can be heard. Please email if you’re interested.

Steve is ushering in the next level of awesomeness we need at The New Americana and America itself. You’ll soon see design changes, perhaps a new logo, fresh content, and a lot more updates than we’ve had in the recent past. We’re excited to start this next chapter.



  1. christian1724

    June 8, 2017 at 7:47 pm

    I hope you’ll make an extra effort to link to conservative and respectable news outlets and much less often to NYT, WaPo, Yahoo news,…etc. Why not promote fair mindedness whenever possible over the msm,

  2. christian1724

    June 8, 2017 at 7:54 pm

    Drudge drove and incredible amount of traffic to sites like NYT, WaPo, Politico, etc. I hope you’ll link to fair minded and conservative sites when ever possible and drive the traffic to place that we wish to see succeed.

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Conspiracy Theory

List of DIA products ordered from AATIP reads like a science fiction weapons list



List of DIA products ordered from AATIP reads like a science fiction weapons list

If one were to bring up wormholes, invisibility cloaks, mind-controlled drones, or warp drives in casual conversation, it would be assumed they were talking about some science fiction or young adult fantasy novel. Of course, they could also be talking about the long list of products ordered by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) from the Advanced Aerospace Threat and Identification Program (AATIP).

The list of projects being at least discussed if not initiated is nothing short of astounding. It’s a dream for conspiracy theorists who believe the government was been working on ways to manipulate extra dimensions, which apparently they have. Sadly, this information doesn’t come as a result of a noble member of the government expressing concerns in their oversight of the projects or an intrepid scientist pulling a weapons technology version of the Edward Snowden technique. Instead, it comes from a Freedom of Information Act filing by the Federation for American Scientists.

AATIP List from FOIA to the… by on Scribd

As with anything that has to do with advancements in science and the United States government, at least some of this should be taken with a grain of salt. They often throw out quite advanced concepts to explore even though the chances of success are slim for now. Better to be prepared than to start something late.

This video by Truthstream Media alerts us once again to some of the strange things being done by our government. Are they out to protect us from the “Field Effects on Biological Tissues” or are they testing for… other reasons.

It all reminds me of this from The Onion:


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Videos show conservative beaten on UC Berkeley campus. Please help identify the assaulter.



Videos show conservative beaten on UC Berkeley campus Please help identify the assaulter

Being conservative on college campuses in America can be challenging. It seems that conservatism is more than just a challenge at UC Berkeley. It can be downright dangerous.

Editor’s Note: The videos released publicly do not show all of the events that transpired before the alleged assault. Just as we called for judgment to be held when the initial Covington Catholic School videos were released, so too do we believe we shouldn’t jump to absolute conclusions until law enforcement releases official information. With that said, yes, these videos are pretty darn compelling against the perpetrator.

Brad Devlin, former President of Berkeley College Republicans, posted a series of Tweets that seem to detail the events surrounding the alleged assault as well as video of the assault itself. There’s also an image of the alleged perpetrator. Calls have been made by officials and those associated with the victim to help identify him.

Videos show conservative beaten on UC Berkeley campus Please help identify the assaulter

If this turns out to be an accurate depiction of events, one can easily see this as a hate crime.

The unhinged nature of extremists leads to the level of hatred that gives us incidents like these. While they happen from both sides of the political aisle, it seems as if the left has been growing increasingly violent in recent months.

Differences in political opinion shouldn’t lead to violence.

This story is developing. We will update as more information comes in. Campus Reform is also covering this closely as the victim was closely associated with them.

VIDEO: Conservative suffers blow to the face at Berkeley other footage obtained by Campus Reform, another person, also unidentified, approached the students, claiming they were “encouraging violence.” Williams told Campus Reform that as the physical confrontations took place, a number of onlookers simply watched.“Some students nearby tabling were laughing, even one guy was smiling while I was being attacked and trying to hand me his flyer as a joke,” the alleged victim said. “The idea is free speech has consequences…. which include you getting assaulted if they find you promoting ideas others don’t agree with.”A student who asked to remain anonymous and was at the scene after the alleged victim got punched said someone also tore apart their signs.“As I approached the table I could see our TPUSA pins all over the floor, our signs were torn apart, Hayden’s eye was red, and his nose was bleeding,” the student told Campus Reform.Dan Mogulof, assistant vice chancellor for the Office of Communications and Public Affairs for UC-Berkeley told Campus Reform that while he has not seen confirmation of the assault, he condemns the behavior.

How do you trigger certain college students? Just be a conservative on campus and you may get attacked. Share the image of this guy and help find him before he assaults someone else.


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Justin Fairfax let off the hook by Virginia Democrats, but not accusers



Justin Fairfax let off the hook by Virginia Democrats but not accusers

Democrats in Virginia’s House have ended calls for Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax to resign following two accusations of sexual assault. But his accusers continue to speak out, saying they want to testify against Fairfax in an effort to both remove him from office and possibly bring him to justice.

The excuse Democrats are making for ending their calls for impeachment or for Fairfax to step down are because they want a criminal investigation to proceed unimpaired. This is a solid argument, but one that doesn’t echo the sentiment from the around the country or in Virginia itself.

Calls were relatively universal just a week ago following the second sexual assault accusation against Fairfax. The sad part is the calls for Governor Ralph Northam to step down over a photo on his yearbook page depicting one person in blackface and another person in a Ku Klux Klan outfit were also very heavy before the first Fairfax accusation. It’s as if Democrats were all gung ho about making an example out of Northam until they learned his successor had problems of his own.

If there is to be consistency within the #MeToo movement, the Democratic Party, and American politics in general, then there needs to be an understanding of what is considered sufficiently acceptable evidence in the court of public opinion to demand a resignation. This is impossible, of course, as each situation is different. Would Al Franken have been forced to leave the Senate if there weren’t pictures of him groping a sleeping reporter? Probably not. Is the presence of two credible accusations the tipping point, since following the first accusation the responses were muted? Perhaps.

If that’s the case, though, does that mean if someone commits a single sexual assault, that they’re still morally qualified to lead? Of course not.

These are the conundrums that face a society bent on finding the moral high ground but unable to come together on how that moral high ground actually manifests. Should Fairfax step down? That question may be asked for another three years if he doesn’t.


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