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What is NOQReport?

The obvious answer is news, opinion, quotes. But it’s much more than that.

NOQ Report was born out of The New Americana, a Drudge alternative, conservative news aggregator. News aggregation is an important function on the Internet, where social media winds blow toward spin, literal “fake news” and political talking points. Rarely do you find truth.

The reason for that is because news production, including (and especially) on the Internet is a business. If someone isn’t doing it as a business, they’re either not serious, or they have another agenda. Even personal blogs and Youtube channels have to generate revenue to be worth doing with high production values (meaning a good-looking, well-maintained, quality site). Companies with big investment money behind them are limited because they can’t bite the hand that feeds them. You won’t find The Washington Post doing an in-depth investigative journalism piece on Amazon’s business practices. I promise you, you won’t

That’s because Jeff Bezos runs Amazon and owns WaPo. The editors there know where their bread is buttered. Similarly, most conservative blogs have certain blind spots where they cannot go. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Conflicts of interest are ugly affairs.

NOQ Report is designed to get around those limitations, while taking news aggregation to a news level: curation.


At NOQReport, we select topics the same way as most other news and opinion sites do. Then we “show our work.” We get perspectives from as many sources and sites as we can, and include them in our stories. You might see more than one “take” on a particular story, and that’s on purpose. We want you to have the truth without the limitations of business constraints imposed by individual sites.

Our breaking news page curates individual stories by various web sources, in addition to the main content page.

Original content

Our excellent stable of writers provide unique opinion and news content. But we still follow the model of showing our work. NOQ Report is not a “news reposter.” We are a news curator and opinion source for the best conservative content on the Internet.

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