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What is NOQ Report?

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The obvious answer is news, opinion, quotes. But it’s much more than that.

Our goal is to deliver REAL news, THOUGHTFUL opinions, and IMPORTANT quotes, as well as a strong stream of videos on our NOQ Report YouTube channel. In today’s world of mainstream media bias, it’s necessary for sites like NOQ Report to thrive. “Fake News” isn’t just a talking point made popular by the President. It’s real and it’s systematically shifting the cultural and political views of Americans in the wrong direction.

We want to change that direction by drilling down to the core issues that are rarely even blips on the news channels’ radars. That doesn’t mean we won’t tackle the big stories, but we do so in a way that’s both refreshing and clear.

For a brief overview of the things we think are most important, watch our video on what America needs going forward:

If you’re tired of the spin that populates the airwaves and fills the news cycles, remember NOQ Report. We don’t claim to not have spin. Our biases are evident. The difference is that our spin is in a direction that benefits America. Mainstream media is not our friend and they shouldn’t be yours, either.

If you want to help us on our mission, please donate. Fighting fake news isn’t hard, but it isn’t cheap, either.