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Madison Bessinger

Madison is a freelance writer who identifies as a member of the new generation of conservatives developing in America, characterized by teens and 20-somethings reawakening to reason, which most people of the millennial generation lost in their assertions that what is false is true (such as that “gender is only a social construct.”) Engaging political content is her specialty, and she is always looking to write for more publications dedicated to free speech, truth, and true American values. You can get in contact with her here, via her portfolio blog:

Why NOQ Report Exists

The various systems of information exchange in America have been corrupted by leftist ideologies. Schools, entertainment, news media, social media - all are doing their part in indoctrinating as many Americans as possible through lies, propaganda, and collectivist machinations.

This, more than anything else, is why NOQ Report exists. We are an independent news outlet with the sole purpose of highlighting conservatism, limited-government federalism, and Judeo-Christian philosophies. We do this by publishing News, Opinions, and Quotes (NOQ) that give our readers a better understanding that goes beyond the mainstream media talking heads.

We take the truth very seriously. Yes, there is "fake news" in the world. There always has been. The difference is now it's being spread more quickly and doing more widespread damage. Part of our mission is to stand strong against the onslaught of fake news.

On the other hand, we do not take ourselves too seriously. Some of our writers like movies. Others like cars. One even enjoys testing out recipes. We do not restrict our writers' muses. If they feel it, they can write it.

As a purely crowdfunded organization, we desperately need your help to not only keep this site going, but to expand it.

Please give what you can today.