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Truth: President Trump calls Democrats’ impeachment push ‘unpatriotic’



Truth President Trump calls Democrats impeachment push unpatriotic

What is patriotism? It’s a love for nation that ranks high, often at the very top. For me, it ranks below faith and family, but it’s high enough on my priorities list that I can proudly call myself a patriot. The same cannot be said for House Democrats, their supporters, and the mainstream media (also their supporters) when it comes to the impeachment inquiry. Why? Because they’ve put partisanship far above country on their priorities list.

If they were patriots, they would be working WITH the President on important issues like border security, USMCA, infrastructure, and other policies that were once considered to be bipartisan. Instead, they’ve labeled all of the President’s actions as bad even when they’re clearly good. The USMCA in particular is unquestionably pro-America, yet they’re delaying it like a death sentence based on the simple fact that passing it would be another win for the President heading into an election year.

Now, the President is speaking out:

Trump calls Democrats impeachment push

LONDON (AP) — President Donald Trump criticized Democrats at the opening of a NATO leaders’ meeting Tuesday, calling the impeachment push by his rivals “unpatriotic” and “a bad thing for our country.”

Trump, who commented while meeting with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, has criticized Democrats for holding an impeachment hearing while he is abroad.

The House Judiciary Committee has set a hearing on the constitutional grounds for Trump’s possible impeachment on Wednesday just before wraps up two days of meetings in London with NATO alliance members.

“I think it’s very unpatriotic of the Democrats to put on a performance,” Trump said. “I think it’s a bad thing for our country.”

Trump isn’t the only one complaining. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, White House counsel Pat Cipollone and adviser Kellyanne Conway all complained about the committee’s timing.

Trump insists he’s solely focused on scoring domestic and foreign policy wins, including revamping NATO so that allies spend more on defense. But he’s often appeared consumed by the day-to-day battle against impeachment.

The last line of the AP story is laughable. Of course he’s focused on impeachment. The Democrats and mainstream media have made sure of that with their constant rhetoric and propaganda on the subject. For the Associated Press to call him out for something they helped create is one of the dumbest things they’ve done recently, which says a lot.

This baseless impeachment is doing nothing but hurting our nation. It is without merit, evidence, or mandate from the people. Patriots work on behalf of the nation, not against it. The President’s comment has been fact-checked and confirmed.

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