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November was great month for Donald Trump



November was great month for Donald Trump

We need to admit as conservatives, the first half of 2019 did not have a whole ton of victories for the Trump administration. It began with a government shutdown in which the Republicans caved, continued with little success in North Korea, and saw little achievements elsewhere in the administration. The border grew out of control during peak season and reelection prospects weren’t great. But the Mueller report which found no substantive criminal activity was the beginning of a game changer. Ultimately the victories came in the month of November.

Impeachment Fail

After having failed to successfully find an impeachable offense with a massive deep state witch hunt and the credible Robert Mueller acting as a mere proxy in his old age, the Democrats are undergoing a joke of an impeachment with Ukraine. Their star witnesses are being torn down. But best of all, the support for impeachment is plummeting. This means that the longer impeachment proceedings continue, the more Americans will resent Congress. On top of all this, the Trump campaign’s messaging is spot on.

Black Support Up

Pete Buttigieg is perhaps the frontrunner in the Democrat Presidential Primary. His support among black Americans is pitiful for obvious reason… Meanwhile Trump has made more attempts to make gains in the black community than any other major Republican. Conservatives may not like jailbreak but it is a tangible action that helps with this cause. In addition, Kanye West may truly have a larger political influence even if he has been silent on politics. I see Trump winning over ten percent of the black vote if the election were today, especially if Buttigieg is the nominee. That makes Virginia a swing state again.

Federal Courts

Perhaps the most unreported victories are the unprecedented gains in the judiciary. Steven Menashi was confirmed to the 2nd Court of Appeals despite all of the right people hating him. The 11th Court of Appeals flipped to majority GOP appointed judges. This marked the third Circuit Court flipped. Now we can reasonably assume that only 50% of Trump’s judicial nominees won’t suck, which is infinitely better than 100% of them sucking under Hillary.

Reelection Prospects Looking Good

In addition to my bullish prediction on Trump’s courting of the black vote, reelection prospect elsewhere look good as well. The Democrats are so unenthused about their massive field of candidates that Michael Bloomberg thought he could join the race. The Electoral College also doesn’t bode well for the Democrats. A Pete Buttigieg nomination cedes Michigan, Wisconsin, and perhaps Virginia, in addition to the other states Democrats need to win in 2020. None of the other candidates appear as though they can flip more than one or two of the four key states: Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Iowa.

President Trump needs to continue this strong momentum into the new year and hopefully maintain it long enough before 2020 becomes all about his campaign for reelection.

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