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Liz Cheney: Democrats ‘stacked the deck’ and still failed to make their case



If you think things are going poorly in your life, just be thankful you’re not Representative Adam Schiff. The Chair of the House Intelligence Committee did everything he could possibly do to prevent Republicans from having a level playing field during his public impeachment hearings, yet still managed to turn a majority of the nation against his narrative.

As Representative Liz Cheney noted, he “stacked the deck” by being judge and prosecutor in a series of hearings that prevented the GOP from calling their witnesses, limited the questions that Republicans were allowed to ask, and guided the narrative through his mainstream media propaganda outlets. Nevertheless, impeachment is going nowhere fast.

At this stage, the best Adam Schiff can hope for is an elegant exit that stops the bleeding he caused to his party. Liz Cheney is absolutely correct. He stacked the deck, but the American people weren’t fooled by his weak showmanship.

As a bonus, here’s Cheney’s reaction to a list of Democratic candidates who currently qualify for the next Democratic debate. She noticed someone was missing from the list that was supposed to highlight how the field had been reduced to all-Caucasians who have qualified.

For this playful burn, she’s trending on Twitter and being called a racist. Of course, nobody on the left is concerned about the racism Elizabeth Warren demonstrated by claiming to be Native American in the first place. That part was okay to the “woke.”

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