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The GOP has transformed for Trump, and I must admit I like it



The GOP has transformed for Trump and I must admit I like it

Full disclosure: I’m a former NeverTrump conservative. I wasn’t so unhinged that I opposed him and voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, but through the GOP nomination process and onward to the general election, I believed he would do three things: Lose to Clinton, backtrack on his promises if he won, and work closely with Democrats to get things done. I was wrong on all three counts, and I consider it a blessing that I was. He has impressed me throughout, and while I still disagree with his style and policies from time to time, I’ve been a MAGA-hat wearing supporter for over two years.

There was something that concerned me a couple of months into his first term. I noticed stalwart conservatives like Senator Ted Cruz and Representative Jim Jordan bending to his will. At first, I thought it was just politics and that they would maintain their conservative credentials with their votes, which they have. But I also noticed something that pleased me at the same time. Moderates were starting to echo his sentiment. His power over the GOP manifested in a move towards populism that had a more positive effect on the center than any detrimental effects on the conservative wing of the party.

Yesterday, the House Republicans released a report to the public that detailed why and how the Democrats had failed to make a case for impeachment. CNN and other progressive mainstream media outlets pounced on it, pointing out how the President’s style of proving his points were noticeable throughout the document. It was true. And it was a good thing. This is what the left and the media fail to comprehend: President Trump’s style, while misunderstood by beltway dwellers, is exactly what the American people want.

It’s straightforward. It’s transparent. It’s real. Here’s a breakdown, courtesy of their Twitter account:

Don’t get me wrong. The report was rife with legal language that forced me to break up my read into three sittings, but it was clear enough for anyone to grasp in whole and in part. When (if) we receive the Democrats’ report on impeachment, it will not read the same way. It will be written in a way that is intentionally difficult to understand. It will use big words, legal terms, and plenty of Latin to make people believe they have something that isn’t actually there: Evidence. This is why it’s so important for them to trot out lawyers in their Judiciary Committee hearings this week to explain from an “expert” opinion why they believe there’s good reason to impeach the President. But even in these hearings, they’re not intended to be understood. They’re intended to be interpreted by their mainstream media lapdogs so the dumb public can understand what’s actually being said.

The Democrats are exactly who they have been for decades, though much further to the left ideologically than they’ve ever been. It’s the way the Republicans used to be before President Trump. Today’s Democrats continue to talk down to us as if we’re working for them when in reality, it’s supposed to be the other way around. They are not our superiors. They are our representatives, but too many Americans have abdicated our responsibility to be informed partners in our self-governing system.

The GOP is becoming more open. More user-friendly, so to speak. We’re seeing the Trump effect not only hitting moderates in their gut but also hitting the entire Republican Party in its senses. It isn’t just President Trump’s actions that have made this happen. It is also the realization by lifetime politicians that his style works to get the support of the people. We aren’t looking to be inspired by big words and empty promises. We want to hear what’s going to happen and then we want to see it happen as we were promised.

This is President Trump’s superpower. He makes government easier to digest for the rest of us. We don’t need a Latin interpreter to grasp his direction. We just have to listen. The GOP is starting to get it. The Democrats are still confused by it all.

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