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Kellyanne Conway offers to testify… if Adam Schiff does as well



As the impeachment saga drags on, Democrats and their mainstream media puppets continue to try to spin and respin the narrative surrounding why they believe President Trump should be removed from office. It’s illegitimate (as Jerry Nadler once proved) and unconstitutional, but the only thing that matters to the left is how they feel about it. Unfortunately for them, the rest of us feel very differently and White House adviser Kellyanne Conway delivered just over a minute of information that speaks for us.

House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff has been connected to both the whistleblower, allegedly Eric Ciaramella, and the entire investigation since before the whistleblower’s report was known to the public. This is his baby, and while he was unable to prove his case, he is now turning it over to Nadler to try to salvage anything that’s left in it. But his role in it isn’t done, at least it shouldn’t be. He’s a fact-witness, as his staff has been working with Ciaramella from the beginning, even before the whistleblower complaint was filed. He needs to testify.

Will Adam Schiff take Kellyanne Conway up on her offer? No. He’s protected by the Democratic majority in the House and the Democratic cheerleaders in mainstream media. But we know the truth. And the people are quickly learning it as well.

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