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30-seconds of Joe Biden speaking gibberish has the internet baffled



Social media is blowing up trying to place a proper context to a soundbite from one of former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign stops in Iowa last week. The clip features 30-seconds of the Democratic frontrunner talking about the hairs on his legs, roaches, and children jumping on his lap. While some of his supporters are berating critics for taking the clip out of context, it’s hard to imagine what context would properly fit this rambling gibberish.

This clip is strange and follows another clip of the 77-year-old nibbling on his wife’s finger which also drew the ire of social and even legacy media.

Joe Biden Bites His Wife’s Finger During Campaign Speech for Some Reason Biden laughed at her husband’s bizarre behavior and continued on with her speech like it was no big deal. Granted, given some of his past behavior, biting his own wife’s finger is arguably an improvement, but some might say that since she wasn’t aware she was going to be bitten he didn’t have consent, but who are we to judge.

Biden’s campaign has just launched his “No Malarkey!” tour in Iowa, which I guess is to help connect with voters who have to Google what “malarkey” means. Perhaps some rebranding is in order.

As the race for the nomination heats up, Biden has pledged to make up some of the support he’s lost in recent months in Iowa by going on a 10-day tour of the first caucus state. He’ll need to overcome a growing lead by “moderate” rival Pete Buttigieg, Mayor of South Bend, who has outspent everyone else on the important first state. While Iowa does not have a lot of delegates up for grabs, it’s seen as a launching pad for momentum because of the buzz surrounding the winner.

As one of my colleagues noted yesterday, the race seems to be about whichever candidate can lose the nomination the least. Nobody has stood out as the clear leader. As one rises, they are quickly slapped back down to reality. Senator Bernie Sanders seemed to be poised to do what he failed to do in 2016 in the early days of the race. When Biden entered, he quickly took over the top spot. Senator Kamala Harris struck a powerful blow against Biden in the first debate and skyrocketed in the polls, but quickly fell when Senator Elizabeth Warren’s policy proposals started resonating. Harris seemed to have the nomination in hand until the fourth debate when she didn’t handle being attacked very well. Buttigieg is the latest to surge, but his glaring challenges reaching minorities has kept him from running away with it.

It’s reminiscent of Bad Lip Reading, a YouTube channel that puts nonsensical voice over on videos of politicians, actors, and sports stars. The results are comical, but even they couldn’t have come up with something as bizarre as this.

Every misspoken word uttered by President Trump is magnified and analyzed by mainstream media. But Joe Biden talking about leg hair, roaches, and children jumping on his lap has the media trying to change the subject. Sad.

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