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Democrats search for least-bad candidate, just like 1984



Democrats search for least-bad candidate

I often get my best story ideas from reading Tweets from pundits. They tend to Tweet some real winners that I can flesh out into an article. Tonight was no exception with the inspiration ironically coming from our Editor-in-Chief. He posted something that made too much sense to pass up.

The saddest part is the candidates who would likely have the best chance of garnering widespread support, appealing to Independents and even some Republicans, are two of the candidates who get the least amount of attention. Both Representative Tulsi Gabbard and businessman Andrew Yang have flaws, but they have demonstrated clear crossover appeal with the limited exposure they’ve been given. It’s as if their appeal to those who aren’t radical progressives is exactly why they’re not being given a fair shake by mainstream media or Democratic powerbrokers. Not sure how that strategy came about, but it’s not a winning one.

So, if we assume the two least-bad Democrats aren’t going to get the nomination, who does that leave? Former Vice President Joe Biden continues to seem to be mentally unfit to be Commander-in-Chief. He’s beyond absent-minded. His mental lapses are scary, especially when considering stress is often the triggering factor for mental degradation. Then, of course, there’s the latest weird thing he did…

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg is having troubles appealing to anyone other than Caucasians who have no confidence in Biden but who don’t want to go with one of the radical frontrunners. The good news for Buttigieg is that it’s a large chunk of the Democratic electorate. The bad news for him him is that it’s still not enough to get him wins in the south, which he’d need if he wants the nomination.

Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are dominating the far-left lane. It may be that whoever is left standing can consolidate the leftist vote, but there’s a problem with that. Because both of them have problems appealing to minorities, they can only get passionate support from the fringes that are spread out across the nation. They don’t have a stronghold the way the more moderate candidates have. This will get them a trickle of delegates. Unless they can start appealing to people abandoning Biden, there’s a good chance for a repeat of 2016 when the Establishment candidate outlasted the radical.

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg is the wildcard. It’s too early to tell if he can buy the nomination. But he has issues outside of starting late, including a penchant for insulting the abilities of a good chunk of his base.

The rest of them are done. Senator Kamala Harris took a promising campaign and injected it with ineptitude. Senator Amy Klobuchar has been running for Vice President from the start. Senator Cory Booker, former HUD Secretary Julian Castro, and billionaire Tom Steyer won’t make it to the Iowa caucus.

If all of this sounds bad, just wait. No matter who gets the nomination, members of the Democratic Party whose lane didn’t get the nomination will revolt. If Biden or Buttigieg get it and lose to President Trump, the far-left wing will fully embrace the Justice Democrats’ position of taking over the party from the ground up, forcing clones of Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to win primaries and purge all moderates from the party. If Warren or Sanders get it and lose the general election, the Democratic Establishment will call for “sanity” to return to their party, blaming the radical progressives for costing them an “easy” election over their insane, anti-populist ideology.

As Democrats continue to race to the bottom, the eventually nominee will be whoever avoids crashing and burning the longest. It’s a sad state for the the party, one that will splinter them after President Trump wins reelection.

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