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Extinction Rebellion NYC activists lay on ground as Black Friday shoppers keep shopping



Climate change activism is all about the economy. Fighting actual climate change, if such a thing is even possible, is not the primary goal of these activists. Perhaps most of them who participate believe it is, but they’re being misled by the puppetmasters at the top of the radical progressive food change who are using climate change as a triggering factor to drive their socialist economic agenda. Even Green New Deal architect Saikat Chakrabarti admitted it wasn’t about the environment.

This is why it’s telling that some of the most pronounced activity by Extinction Rebellion NYC activists took place on Black Friday. The day that embodies the good and bad of capitalism was a ripe target for the group and they took full advantage of it, staging a “lay in” or whatever they want to call it. They laid down in the middle of a busy shopping center with signs that read, “Empathy. Humility. Frugality.” It’s an Orwellian message against the “evils” of capitalism as they unsuccessfully pushed the hashtag #BuyNothingDay.

Plenty of Americans were out buying today. The “lay in” may have spread their obtuse message, but it also likely made a whole lot of people upset with their shenanigans. NYPD had to break up a group of them standing in the middle of the street outside of a Macy’s store as they unlawfully blocked traffic in a city that already has plenty of traffic problems on Black Friday without unhinged activists blocking it.

Sadly, they Tweeted out videos of it, demonstrating their pride in disrupting the lives of New Yorkers.

They claim their message resonates in the spirit of people like Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi. But what they don’t mention is that the leaders they invoke were opposing real oppression and actual violence. The machinations of climate change hysteria dealers like Extinction Rebellion are not fighting against oppression. They are not raising awareness. They are not disrupting the evils of the world. They are being nuisances for the sake of appeasing their own indulgences and playing into the agenda of their economic revolutionary ringleaders. It’s all a sham, and sadly many of the participants actually think they’re doing the right thing. They are not.

Extinction Rebellion is a cult that follows the teaching of the new religion of climate change hysteria. It’s made worse by the fact that the people behind the movement are only using climate change to drive their destructive economic agenda.

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