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The left isn’t winning the culture war. Too many on the right just stopped fighting it.



The left isnt winning the culture war Too many on the right just stopped fighting it

There’s a difference between a victory and a non-loss. But at the end of the day, winning by defeating an opponent or not losing because an opponent forfeits both count the same on the scorecard. That’s what’s been happening in the so-called “culture war” that’s been waged in America for decades. As the left ramps up their efforts, too many on the right have chosen to focus on less controversial topics.

Looking around, it’s clear the left is winning. We have masturbation being taught in grade schools. The LGBTQ community is pushing for superior rights (since they already have equal rights). Social justice warriors are dominating most information institutions from the media to college classrooms. Meanwhile, anything tied to religion (other than the CCCH – Church of Climate Change Hysteria) has been rendered anathema in the public square. Cultural progressivism is ahead in the game and running up the score.

Was their message superior? Are there more people who are passionate about the topic on the left than on the right? Has the left planted itself on the morale high ground? No, no, and no. The problem isn’t that they’re fighting better. The problem is many conservatives have abandoned the fight altogether.

We’ve abandoned it at the corporate level…

Many didn’t just abandon the fight, but are also going after those who didn’t…

Then, there are the worst of us, the conservatives who dip our toes tepidly into hot topics so we can earn our culture war merit badges…

Conservatives are at a crossroad. We must choose whether we’re willing to take the abuse that comes from both sides of the fence in order to do what we know is right in our hearts. Unfortunately, too many have become comfortable planting themselves securely in the “no comment” section when clashes erupt in the culture war.

Sure, we’ll scream “MAGA” and decry socialism as the failed economic model that it is, but will we stand up and say it’s not okay for a “Christian” business like Chick-fil-A to donate to the anti-Christian Southern Poverty Law Center? We’ll call for religious freedom, but will we send letters to those blocking a Catholic charity from helping human trafficking victims because they won’t drive people to abortion clinics or help them get a sex change operation? We laugh at and criticize Hollywood for promoting radical progressive ideas, but are we willing to stop supporting them, to stop giving them money they can use to promote Democrats and fight for their side in the culture war?

Many radical progressives are willing to do whatever it takes to get their message out there. I saw plenty of people on social media getting upset about a school board opening up bathrooms and locker rooms to boys who claim to be girls, but where’s the real activism? Watch the video below. The audience seems overwhelmingly supportive of the transgender initiative. Where are the conservatives who should have been at the school board meeting fighting for the rights of the girl who was holding back tears over the decision?

Much of this comes down to a fear of being labeled a bigot. That’s the left’s ultimate weapon and they wield it relentlessly against any hint of social conservatism voiced in public or on social media. Big Tech is on their side; one has a greater chance of being purged from social media sites for using the “wrong” pronoun than for making threats against someone voicing conservative perspectives. This has made some people gun shy, but it shouldn’t. Thought leaders who protect their blue check marks by not speaking out on cultural issues are not really thought leaders at all. Now is not the time for caution. There’s more at stake than bathroom policies or bakers’ rights.

Elections have always come down to, “the economy, stupid,” since long before James Carville uttered those words. But things are changing. The economy is doing great, but our prosperity is being pushed aside over cultural issues. Many on the left are willing to sacrifice their own financial future if it means pushing Christians and/or social conservatives out of office. They will denounce anyone who speaks in favor of the sanctity of marriage, rights for preborn babies, homeschooling, All Lives Matter, vaccination choice, or business owner rights to refuse service. At the same time, it’s “inappropriate” to say anything negative about LGBTQ superiority, Black Lives Matter, militant feminism, or radical progressive education topics.

We must not be complacent. Too often I see Christians fighting for inclusion and conservatives trying to prove they’re not bigots. In both cases, the boogeyman isn’t real. We aren’t called to give a watered down version of our faith. We’re called to spread the Gospel to all. We’re not beholden to the left’s labels unless we willfully acknowledge them, thereby giving them power. Fearing a label and changing our actions or words as a result of that fear is neither noble nor warranted, even in today’s polarized society. We must fight for what’s right regardless of how we perceive our audience is going to react.

Gay marriage, for example, is settled law thanks to the cultural shift prompted by President Obama and a Supreme Court that got the issue wrong. If someone wants to call me a bigot because I believe marriage should be between a man and a woman, I don’t have to prove to them I’m not a bigot. Science, religion, and common sense are all on my side on this one. I’m not promoting sexuality conversion therapy or demanding homosexuals should be treated differently from heterosexuals. I’m defending the institution of marriage as laid out in the Bible centuries before the rainbow flag was mainstreamed. What anyone does in private is not my concern as long as it doesn’t harm others. I’m not their judge.

We are on the verge of losing everything because cultural progressivism is reaching into every facet of American life. It’s not enough to decry the Green New Deal or Medicare-for-All. The culture war will determine America’s future.

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