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We’ve tried the left’s ideas and they don’t work. It’s time to try something else.



Weve tried the lefts ideas and they dont work Its time to try something else

The time has come for overt action in the conservation of freedom, a pro-liberty push back.

Let’s be blunt about it. The left’s socialist national agenda is just a rehash of ancient ideas that have never worked and will never work. They consist of warmed over collectivist control schemes that have repeatedly failed in the past and will repeatedly fail in the future. It’s high time that we finally relegate them to the dustbin of history and use what has been proven to work.

Many people don’t even understand the true nature of the collectivist dogma of socialism. It is always sold as being ‘democratic’ with fantastic promises of benefits born of simple wealth redistribution. It always ends up in lies, oppression and death when the promises never come to fruition.

Leftists are of course very skilled in repackaging very old ideas as new. Like a scam artist that has a new alias every week, they keep on coming up with a new name for the same thing hoping to fool a new generation into selling themselves into slavery. This is why there are over 40 synonyms for socialism, ranging from communism to ‘project X’.

The terms of the conservation of liberty have remained the same.

Meanwhile the words for the conservation of liberty ideals of conservatism, have remained the same. This is how many of us on the pro-liberty side – while we may quibble over terminology on occasion – can see our principles in others. We all seem to be pulling from the same database of ideas.

The old quip when observing someone with the same philosophy is that they are one’s ‘spirit animal’. That in essence is the thought process looking through the video’s of PragerU watching an MRCTV video of Gardner Goldsmith, listening to a podcast of Andrew Klavan, or our EIC JD Rucker when reading his columns. The amazing thing is that we all of the same general mindset, tied together with the same belief system.

This isn’t merely conformation bias because these principles are based on logic instead of ephemeral emotion. We also attempt to listen to the other side, their contradictory philosophy doesn’t make any sense. Thus they have to cover it with lies and falsehoods to hide it’s logical inconsistencies. It is also why they have to play games with contradictory labels for themselves and deliberately undefined terminology.

Reclaiming the language.

This is part of the reason why it’s becoming increasingly important to lay claim to certain words or phrases. Words the left loves to use in selling socialistic slavery as ‘freedom’.

For all of their pretenses as being democratic, progressive, and of course ‘liberal’ the left is neither of these laudable terms. Even prolific video commentator Tim Pool noted how Fox news incorrectly label the left as being ‘liberal’ in a recent video: Democratic state senator in Pennsylvania to become Independent over increasingly liberal party

We’re taking great pains not to offend Mr. Pool, but the fact is that true liberals belong on the right side of the political spectrum. Perhaps not directly in the same sphere as those who proudly wear the conservative label. Nonetheless, we all share the same belief system in asserting the inherent value of individual rights and individualism. As well as the conservation of liberty with the limiting of governmental power and bureaucratic overreach.

We do realize this is our all too common refrain, but in our defense it should be obvious. Controlling the language is the only thing propping up the left’s socialist nation agenda. A very recent example is their sudden change-up of ‘bribery’ or ‘extortion’ from quid pro quo, in the impeachment inquisition saga.

A prime example in the need for new ideas: Leftist failures in liberty control.

There should be no doubt that many on the pro-liberty right see the unalienable human right of self-defense as the ‘canary in a coalmine’ in the conservation of liberty. It’s to the absurd point that the authoritarian socialist left is now arguing that the people need to be deprived of their unalienable human rights in order to possess their unalienable human rights.

The past few days have seen a number of sites of the pro-liberty right come to the same conclusion over the tragedies in the people’s republic of California. While the usual suspects of the authoritarian socialist left began pushing for more liberty control. Many on the right are making the same point that the events prove that these restrictions on freedom failed to work as advertised and it’s time to try something else.

We were all supposed to give up some liberty in exchange for security. Recent events have shown that doesn’t work. Somehow, it doesn’t occur to our ‘moral superiors’ on the national socialist left that depriving the innocent of their means of self-defense doesn’t protect them. However, this doesn’t stop them from demanding even more restrictions on freedom when their initial control schemes fail to work as promised.

Not to mention that intergalactic background checks or governmental permission requirements [registration] have no real functionality other than as stepping-stones to confiscation. Those planning mayhem can pass any requirements beforehand or simply obtain firearms illegally from the black market.

The pro-liberty push-back, overt action in the conservation of freedom.

At this point, merely acting in defense of liberty will no longer be sufficient. The authoritarian socialist left is constantly working against the cause of liberty; we need to counteract this effort. We can do this by the exchange of ideas and the production of quick response talking points to address the usual folderol of the left of any given situation.

Pushing back on the left’s efforts at gun confiscation and its precursor steps will the first task. Joining with others of the pro-liberty right in having a ready-made set of responses to leftist FEELings – or Frequently Encountered Emotional Lies. It is obvious that leftist ideas are a non-starter. It’s time to push them back from whence they came.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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