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Reactions to Elise Stefanik’s impeachment performance show the left is not pro-women



Reactions to Elise Stefaniks impeachment performance show the left is not pro-women

A rock star emerged from the impeachment inquiry. Representative Elise Stefanik wasn’t on anyone’s radar before the public hearings the last two weeks, but she’s squarely on many patriots’ radar now after decimating arguments made by Democrats and their witnesses with scathing rebukes and condemnation of their various lies, innuendos, and presumptions. But she also drew attention from the left, and they’re not happy about her performance one bit.

Currently, “ByeByeElise is trending on Twitter as the “pro-woman” progressives attempt to smear her for daring to speak the truth and seek illumination about what’s really happening in Washington DC and Ukraine.

What makes all of this worse is that she wasn’t the partisan hack she’s being painted as. Her lines of questions for witnesses were geared specifically to inconsistencies in their testimonies, contradictions in their actions, and misinformation being propagated about the phone call President Trump had with Ukrainian President Zelensky. But she’s a woman, so the ire against her from the left is doubly potent. They expect Caucasian males to be on the President’s side, but when a woman dares to seek the truth instead of following the progressive mantra of “orange man bad,” she is suddenly anathema.

I could go through the list of negative Tweets about Stefanik, but as the #3 trend worldwide right now, sifting through the vitriol isn’t healthy. Her Democratic competitor, Tedra Cobb, is basking in the sudden surge of attention and is likely getting a nice haul into her war chest from all the exposure.

Thankfully, there are still plenty of patriots out there willing to defend Stefanik for seeking the truth and not bowing down to the progressive machine that attacks and belittles strong women for not hopping on their train. The stronger a conservative women is, the worse treatment she receives from the left. They aren’t pro-women. They are pro-leftist agenda, and if that means attacking strong women who do not abide by their ideology, so be it. Here are some patriots coming to Stefanik’s defense, though clearly we need much more:

The greatest threat to Democrats are women and minorities who see through the left’s lies and promote the tenets of conservatism. Elise Stefanik did nothing but seek the truth at the impeachment inquiry. She deserves our support.

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