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Was it in the national interest to investigate corruption and foreign meddling in US elections?



Was it in the national interest to investigate corruption and foreign meddling in US elections

What was perfectly acceptable in the Mueller fiasco is being judged by an entirely different standard with the impeachment inquisition.

Double standards are exceedingly divisive, having one set of rules for one group and an entirely different set for another tends to build resentment and disharmony. But that is what we are witness to these days, with the authoritarian socialist left and their national socialist media minions applying one set of rules to themselves and another for everyone else.

The leftist mindset of a birthright to power.

The collectivist left has increasing felt that they have a birthright to rule over everyone else. They’ve convinced themselves they are on the ‘right side of history’, mainly because they incessantly tell themselves they are on the ‘right side of history’.

That is hardly the case since their base ideology is centered on ancient ideas of collectivism that have been abject failures for several centuries. Nevertheless, they believe themselves to be the chosen few, the intellectual elite, destined to ‘rule the population’ as the song says.

This underlying belief manifests itself in the words and actions of leftist luminaries such as Nancy Pelosi and others in trying to essentially make electoral decisions for the people instead of letting them decide for themselves.

Having such a mindset results in anger when they don’t control the lives of everyone else. They fear the freedom that most Americans value dearly. These emotions will be their undoing.

To quote the philosophy of Yoda:

“Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” – Yoda, Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace, 1999

“Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime”

President Trump was barely in office 20 minutes before the calls for his impeachment began. It didn’t matter that he couldn’t have done anything at that point, only that the left was angry at losing and feared a loss of control over the people.

Thus began the impeachment inquisition with a double standard as its inherent justification. It didn’t matter that the Mueller investigation yielded nothing. The national socialist left felt that Trump had done something wrong. They just had to find it, no matter what.

It was perfectly acceptable for them to conduct a political investigation into any type of corruption. It was perfectly acceptable for them to conduct a political investigation into their rivals.

After all, they were on a quest to preserve democracy and freedom. At least, that’s what they tell themselves. Never mind that said investigations were centered on overturning a democratic process or that when they obtain political power they will most assuredly clamp down on certain unalienable human rights

Only leftists are allowed to root out corruption and investigate political rivals.

What is truly amazing in these events is that the left is doing exactly what they accuse others of doing. Vice President Joe Biden used millions of taxpayer dollars to stop a corruption investigation, but that’s okay because he’s on the left.

The same crew took a few years and burned through more taxpayer dollars looking into non-existent malfeasance over election meddling. They are still investigating and smearing their political rivals, but these actions are okay because they are ‘Democratic’.

Such is not the case when considering the same actions of the GOP. At worst, the President is accused of wanting investigations into election meddling and corruption by the left and somehow that is beyond the pale.

The bottom line: Hate leads to suffering.

Now that the left has wrapped up their little reality show that no one wanted to watch, keeping it unfairly one-sided. It’s been reported that if they are foolish enough to play the impeachment card. The Republicans in the Senate will have a full airing of the issues, presenting their side of the story.

This time around, the left won’t be able to have a one-sided show trial. This time around they will have to explain why they wanted to keep Eric Ciaramella or Alexandra Chalupa off the witness stand.

This time around, their fear of freedom and anger at being denied their birthright that has morphed into hatred will most assuredly lead to their suffering. It couldn’t have happen to a nicer set of authoritarians.

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