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Michael Moore says he’s now the ‘center’ for the Democratic Party



Radical progressive investigative journalist and activist Michael Moore has always had a clear disconnect from reality. He has had his moments over the years, though, including predicting Donald Trump would win the 2016 election. It was likely a ploy to scare and rally voters rather than a genuine feeling he had, but he turned out to be correct regardless of his motives for saying it. Following the Democratic debate on Wednesday, Moore said something very true and followed it up with something very false.

According to Moore, he and people like Bernie Sanders are the “middle” of the Democratic Party. While they’re still considered to be far-left to most, the reality to those of us who are paying attention is that they really do represent the center because so many in their party are veering towards outright communism. Young adults in particular hate America and want it broken at its foundation until it’s the Marxist utopia they envision.

“I am the center,” he said in an MSNBC interview. “I am the mainstream now in the Democratic Party. The majority of American agree with me and Bernie on all the issues.”

It was in the second half of his quote that we see the disconnect. There is clearly a growing number of Democrats who are embracing single-payer healthcare, climate change hysteria, open borders, and other hyper-leftist philosophies. But that’s not a majority of Americans. It’s a portion of a party that accounts for 34% of the population. If half of them are veering to the left, and that’s a fair estimate, it’s still only 17% of Americans who are considering the tenets of socialism that Moore and Sanders espouse.

Don’t get me wrong. That’s still a staggering percentage considering the massive failure that socialism has been and will continue to be in this world. If America truly embraces it, we will no longer be America, but there’s a shift in thinking thanks to an education system bent on indoctrination, a mainstream media industry increasingly embracing far-leftist views, and a grassroots activism that seems to be driven by nefarious forces to intimidate anyone who loves the United States.

Michael Moore’s vision for America really is becoming the mainstream for the Democratic Party. That should terrify us all, especially when we consider how easily people can be swayed by the emotion-driven arguments of radical progressives.

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