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Joe Biden gets snippy at reporter for asking about learning he was a grandfather



Former Vice President Joe Biden is having a hard time getting the right message out to the people. His poll numbers are fluctuating, falling when he has another of his famous gaffes then rising when Democratic voters realize the rest of the options are no better. He even gets snippy with journalists asking relevant questions sometimes, as he did yesterday when a reporter asked him about learning he was a grandfather.

News broke the day before that the paternity test administered at the request of an Arkansas woman confirmed Hunter Biden, 49, was the father of a baby’s whose identity is being protected. The mother seeks child support and is considering requesting Secret Service protection as a result of the baby’s relationship to the powerful Democratic candidate for president.

Hunter Biden IS father of woman’s child, paternity test confirms papers filed in Independence County on Wednesday state: ‘The DNA testing has established with scientific certainty that [Hunter] is the father of the plaintiff’s child.’

Hunter is not expected to challenge the results, according to legal documents.

Roberts is demanding for Hunter to pay her $11k legal fees and child support for their baby, who she argues could be eligible for Secret Service protection because of grandpa Joe Biden.

She is also seeking for the court to seal case records to protect the child’s identity out of fear of safety for the baby and Roberts’ family, citing presidential candidate Biden’s political status.

It’s a journalist’s job to ask questions that are relevant, and while it’s true that Hunter Biden’s situation is a personal matter, it’s also of the public interest with Joe Biden running for president. He may not like that his family is being looked into by the press, but considering the scrutiny President Trump’s children went through during his 2016 run, can Biden really expect nobody is going to want to hear about his son’s escapades?

Joe Biden has the luxury of a mainstream media that favors Democrats. The treatment Hunter Biden is receiving is much better than what President Trump’s children received, yet Hunter is the one with the disastrous history. Stay classy, Joe.

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