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Impeachment: Instead of the cross, the albatross about their necks was hung



Impeachment Instead of the cross an albatross about their necks was hung

In The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, the hero did the unthinkable. He shot an albatross with his crossbow, a major taboo at sea, for the albatross was believed to bring the wind that could carry them home. As they suffered through dehydration on the windless ocean, the hero was branded for his foul deed by having the albatross hung about his neck as a reminder to him and all who saw him of the evil he committed.

Ah! well a-day! what evil looks
Had I from old and young!
Instead of the cross, the Albatross
About my neck was hung.

Democrats have also done the unthinkable. They didn’t use a crossbow and no animals were harmed during the filming of their Kabuki Theater show, but this impeachment inquiry and the subsequent articles of impeachment that they will soon send to the Senate are sins against America. It has wasted time and taxpayer dollars while weakening the President’s ability to properly represent our nation on the world stage. It has pulled away attention in the news cycle as mainstream media has obediently kept a steady flow of “bombshells” propagating across the airwaves.

But arguably the worst thing the Democrats did was… nothing else. They didn’t pass the much-needed USMCA trade agreement. They didn’t go to work on infrastructure, fixing Obamacare, or securing the border. The took time to obstruct some much-needed fixes, but as far as putting anything together that was meaningful and bipartisan, they’ve delivered zip since taking control of the House of Representatives.

Now, we’re getting to see why. After working on “oversight” (which was actually just catching up their notes with the Mueller investigation) in the beginning of their reign as the majority party in the lower chamber, they found an entry to impeachment almost immediately after Robert Mueller’s testimony debacle that ended all hopes of Russian collusion being their silver bullet. They needed a new silver bullet, one that could kill two birds with a single shot. Impeachment over the whistleblower’s complaint not only gave them something to suck the oxygen out of the newsroom for months, but also allowed them to appease the rebel forces of the radical progressives in their party. People like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez needed a bone to chew on for a while, and impeachment was the answer.

Now, we’ve yawned our way through two weeks of public testimony and progressive mainstream media’s efforts to make mountains out of every molehill snippet they could glean from the witnesses. The results: nothing of substance.

Despite all this, it’s almost certain the vote on articles of impeachment will be divided strictly along party lines. There may be a few Democrats who wisely vote against it or abstain, but the rest of them must be electorally punished for this sin against our nation. It’s not because there’s any chance of it bearing fruit and removing the President from office. The Senate will make that go away after spending time pointing out the foibles of the Democrats’ weak case. There’s a bigger reason they need to be punished…

This can never be allowed to happen again.

Republicans drew first blood in partisan impeachment politics by going after President Clinton for a very weak offense. Now, Democrats have had their payback with an even weaker case contrived from hatred and a flawed election strategy. It was wrong for both parties to abuse the power of impeachment, a power meant to remove criminals and traitors, not liars like President Clinton or Deep State targets like President Trump. It was devised before there were parties and with the understanding that political parties could do damage to the government. We’re seeing that in play today.

This impeachment debacle MUST be a rallying cry for all non-Trump-hating Americans to send a clear message: Political tomfoolery must not be used to abuse the Constitution. That’s really what this impeachment inquiry is. They are playing with the righteous edicts set forth by our founding fathers to elicit political gain. This cannot be allowed to stand. Now is the time to hang the albatross of impeachment around the necks of every Democrat who abuses the Constitution by voting in favor of it despite the lack of evidence or the presence of a crime. That albatross must be clear for all to see.

Any Democrat who votes for impeachment and is even remotely vulnerable in 2020 must be permanently stained by their poor choice, their partisan decision to abuse the Constitution of the United States of America. They must be voted out.

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